Top Shot TV ratings

It seems all other bloggers that like guns are commenting on this new show that debuted on the History Channel on Sunday, the 6th.  It’s called “Top Shot“.  Since every other blogger out there is talking about it, I will keep my comments short.


GO KELLY!!  Take that you old farts thinking a kid can’t shoot.  Ever since I got into autocrossing 10 years ago I have had a sore spot for the “good ‘ol boy” mentality.  In autocross it seemed like the only people not following the rules were the old farts and they got away with it because they were the good ‘ol boys.  Didn’t matter that some of us newcomers were beating them while playing by the rules.  We weren’t old, so we weren’t welcome in their club.  Anyway, I didn’t mean to go into a rant about autocross.  But I was stoked when the youngest guy on the show (Kelly Bachand) EASILY rocked the crap out of the guy he was shooting against (Mike Seeklander) in the shoot off.  FWIW, Mike didn’t seem like a bad guy.  In fact most of the people on the show seemed like nice people.  The only fault a few of them showed was not liking the youngster simply because he was young.  So yeah, I hope he wins the whole damn show.

OK, now to the main reason for this post.  The TV ratings for Top Shot are out.  Top Shot was in the 10pm time slot and had 2.1 Million viewers.  For reference, prime time cable news that same night, COMBINED for Fox News (971K), CNN (564K), MSNBC (311K), CNBC (188K), and HLN  (319K) had a total of 2.35 Million viewers over the age of 2.  Not bad Top Shot!  Looks like a great premiere.  Another point of reference, the season 4 premiere of Ice Road Truckers in History’s 9pm time slot had 2.4 Million viewers.  Hopefully Top Shot can keep those numbers at that level.  If they can, we will likely see it return for a few more seasons.


5 responses to “Top Shot TV ratings

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  2. I can say that at least 1 of those 2.4 million viewers that Ice Road Truckers had was someone just whiling away the time waiting for Top Shots to come on.

    That would be me.

    So Top Shots actually served to increase the ratings of Ice Road Truckers by at least one viewer.

  3. “what has this world come to….. truck drivers on ice?”

    And that a show about truck drivers on ice is one of the best shows on the ‘tube!

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