Forza Motorsport 3

This is a relatively new race sim for the XBOX 360.  It’s pretty sweet.  I am not going to do a full review as there is a million of those posted all over the internet by people that think they are much more qualified than me.  Continue reading


New title

As you may have noticed, I decided to change the name of my blog.  Figured it’s almost all about things that either go vroom, or boom.  So here you go.  Introducing the all new Vroom and BOOM! blog.

Still searching for a theme I like.  Although now I am thinking of keeping the theme and just talking one of my photoshop friends into making me a picture for my header.

One of the few good things about GM

And I am sure the government has ruined it as well.

So many things I hate about GM from swinging from the nuts of unions to wasting time making hybrids that get worse mileage than any car I have ever owned.  Oh and the styling…  Short of the Corvette and the new Camaro, GM has historically had terrible styling.  Especially on wheels, interiors, engine bays, bodies, and chassis.

So what is this “good thing” about GM in the title?  Their dedication to racing and racers.  Now as I mentioned earlier, I am sure since they became Government Motors, that has all changed.  Continue reading

Changing it up a little

I just added a little map to the sidebar to see where visitors are coming from.  Also, my title was always meant to be temporary, so that will be changing.   And if I can find a theme I like better, then my layout will likely be changing as well.  So if things change up a bit here soon, don’t be alarmed.  I am still awesome 🙂

BTW, if you have a wordpress account and would like to add a ClustrMap to it, this link is very helpful.


Reason for this post:

  • I want people to know how great this product is.
  • I wanted to clear up some details for customers that were incorrect from the manufacturer.
  • I was hoping Cobb would explain what makes this product so great but honestly I don’t think they know since everyone involved with the design (me) is gone.
  • I want to explain some of the thought that went into a product that from most manufacturers has little to no thought put into it.
  • BPV ? BOV

    Continue reading