Long boring rant

Oh man. What shall I bitch about now? Jackass neighbors, cars, taxes, illegals, Obama, Washington D.C. Gun bans? There is just too many things pissing me off right now. So let’s bitch about them all. And let’s do it in the order listed above. Don’t worry, I will keep them short.

1- This is a bit related to #4. These people have no respect whatsoever for other people’s things. These assholes keep parking in front of my driveway. For long periods of time. They never take care of their kids. Their yard is a mess. They had chickens (until my wife made the city take them away). They have 4 families living in a house smaller than mine. And each family has about 5 kids with more coming. How does this relate to #4? Duh, they are illegals living off the U.S. System of rewarding people that knowingly and willingly break the law.

2- I have seen a lot of talk about the GTR being over-hyped lately. Is it? Yes, of course it is. That is what marketing is all about. Is the C6 Z06 over-hyped? Yes, it is. Is the ZR-1 over-hyped? Yes. Are they all amazing cars? Hell yeah. Are they all great cars for the money? Very much so. Is one more over-hyped than another? I doubt it. They all have short comings. They all have great strong points. The GTR I am working on/with has beat Vettes. It has lost to Vettes. It was relatively stock and had a C6 Z06 with a $12K suspension and huge race tires beat it. Yeah, that’s to be expected. Again, when it had a bit more work done (still mostly stock) it was faster than a Z06 that was mostly stock. Again, not really a surprise. I guess what I am saying, is like with anything else, there is always someone better/faster/cooler than you. And people need to stop putting so much effort into arguing which car is better and go drive one. Even the one you think you hate. You will enjoy the hell out of it. There is no one make that only makes awesome cars with no faults. Everyone needs to stop thinking whatever nut they are swinging from is the best nut there is. It’s still a nut. And you are still just a nut swinger.

3- Not too pissed about taxes. Just more pissed at what they are being spent on. Stop giving money to illegals. No matter how many kids they have. Stop sending money to Mexico for guns and training to combat drugs, those guns are just used against us. Start giving money to real citizens with real needs. Stop giving money to white trash bitches that take 45 minutes in line at Walmart paying for shit with food stamps. Stop funding studies on the mating habits of dung beetles and similar bullshit. Stop paying for Iraq to not give us oil and not want us there. I love me some war. And I was all for wiping out Iraq. But do it right. Drop a few nukes. Drill through the glass that is left behind and take all the oil we can as fast as we can. Then leave a desolate radioactive wasteland behind. That’s all those people want. And it’s not far from what they are living in now anyway. Give them what they want, take what we want. It’s the old school, pre-hippie American way.

4- This is supposedly from the LA Times newspaper. I have not checked that. I have not checked the facts. But based on what I see on the news and experience myself from these bastards, it gives me no reason to doubt what it says. Now keep in mind, these stats are only from California:
40% of all workers in L.A. County are working for cash and not paying taxes. That’s over 4 million non-tax payers.
95% of all warrants for murders in LA are for illegal aliens
75% of the people on the most wanted list in LA are illegal aliens
Over 66% of all births in LA county are to illegal alien Mexicans whose births were paid for by taxpayers.
Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are illegal Mexicans.
According to the FBI, ½ of all the gang members in LA are illegal Mexicans.
Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD homes are illegal.

5- Obama… Wow. What a tool. I don’t know if I could disagree with anyone any more than I disagree with Obama. He wants illegals to be welcome. He wants every right in the constitution revoked. Now I don’t view myself as a republican, or a democrat. I don’t really like McCain either. If someone is too old to trust behind the wheels of a car, I can’t trust them behind the wheel of my country. I tend to agree with most things republicans do. Until it comes to the preachy god shit. Religion has no place in government. Government should be an emotionless logical machine that always does what’s best for the survival of the country and it’s people.

6- Washington D.C.. Another winner. So they are told by the Supreme court that their ban on handguns and requirement of devices that make firearms inoperable is unconstitutional. So what do they do? Change their law to still require that guns be inoperable. And ban the most common type of handgun owned by their citizens. So they essentially have the same law. If there is one city in the country that should live by the law of the constitution and listen to and obey the supreme court, it is Washington f’in D.C.

OK, I give up. This country is down the toilets for a few years. Hopefully we survive. But I would be very surprised if we are not ruled by another country by the time my kid is old enough to go to college. I have faith in many citizens and no politicians. I hope all our citizens can pull together and make our country strong again…