A plea for a return to science on the nuclear power issue (via Watts Up With That?)

I find our world’s fear of atomic energy very amusing. Until I realize how it stifles our growth. Then it becomes downright depressing. This German physicist puts it very well, and his words deserve some attention. BTW, radiation is everywhere all around us. Stop being afraid of it.

I get mail: German physicist Peter Heller wrote a passionate plea for a return to science on the nuclear power issue, published in German here: http://www.science-skeptical.de/blog/fukushima/004149/ With Dr. Heller’s permission, I’ve translated it in English. But having gone over the content, I think his plea is worthy of a much wider audience – more than what NTZ can offer. So I send this to you with the kind request that you consider publishing … Read More

via Watts Up With That?

BTW, here is another good read on the subject. One of hundreds in existence. But one I singled out nonetheless. http://depletedcranium.com/panic-and-madness-in-a-radiophobic-world/