Sweet new animated car series

This is a new series called The Driver.  It looks kind of like GTA meets Initial D.  It has a bunch of cool tasteful ricer cars from a hachi roku to a GTR.  Not sure if the main character of the show is the criminal looking guy in the 350Z or a spy photo chick in the GTR.  But does it matter?  The US hasn’t really had any good animated car related TV shows.  Ever.  You can see the official website HERE.  They haven’t said what network it will be on, but I am guessing Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.  I don’t know the official release date but the video says “coming soon” and I read somewhere it should be out this summer.


My favorite morning show is gone

So every morning I used to listen to The Chunga Show on 101.9 FM.  I started listening to Jimmy Chunga after the douchebags on X96 (Bill, Kerry, and Gina) totally pulled a 180 on me.  One morning they were pro-logic, anti-retard.  And it seems like overnight they went loony lefty on me.  They lost all sense of logic and started praising the kind of people they were making fun of just 24 hours earlier.  Besides that, my ears really wished they had a method of vomiting everytime they were violated by Gina’s voice. Continue reading

Ford’s “global” platform

Once again The U.S. get screwed out of having a good version of what Ford promised years ago was to be a global car.  Europe gets the AWD Focus, the 180 HP Fiesta, and now this: The Ford Focus RS500, the name undoubtedly stolen from the Sierra Cosworth RS500 (another bad ass car we never got).

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