Our New Supreme Court Justice

Yes, I know she has not been confirmed yet.  But since we now have a fascist majority in the House, there is no way she will not be confirmed.  I will not go into Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s ruling record as there are other people more well informed on that than me.  So since I do not know every fact involved in every case, I will base my opinion soley on her public speeches. Continue reading


Comparison of different pellets through Gamo

So I decided to get a better idea of how the different brands of pellets compare though my Gamo Whisper Varmint Hunter.  So I stuck the target at 25 feet.  Got me a blanket and layed prone for this test.  The 25 foot tests were 8 shot groups, the 50 foot tests were 5 shots.  The 25 foot groups were done with the scope on 3x since that is where it was in focus (not adjustable on the standard scope) and the 50 foot groups had the scope set at 5x.  I did not adjust the scope point of impact for the different groups.  That is why the 50 foot were so far off target.

First up was the Crossman hunter Walmart stuff.  Continue reading