How hippie are you?

Well, I scored way higher than I was hoping to on this hippie test. It must be that stupid blue garbage can outside my house that I would prefer to use as a regular garbage can.  Oh well, here’s hoping you all do better than me on this test. And by better I mean lower score…

You are 7% hippie.


Ok, you conservative soul. Do you even believe in global warming? Loosen that necktie a little, and try some organic food. It actually does taste better. And go to a farmer’s market–they’re fun.

Are you a hippie?
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Game Gun Designer Talks to Real Gun People

Over on The Firearm Blog they recently had a guest blogger that I have looked at in the past. His name is Pascal Eggert. He is a graphic designer that design guns for video games.  He does amazing work. And he is a big fan of guns in real life. This a great thing as functional and conceptual details are a lot better when based in reality.

Pascal Eggert Thor

The article is a good read.  And I definitely recommend checking out Pascal’s site as he has some crazy cool ideas. And I am with the guys at The Firearm Blog. I hope this guy gets a job designing real guns some day.

Classy Video of a Classy Car, The NSX

I have seen this video posted on a few slightly more obscure blogs. So of course I had to post it here for you all to enjoy on my obscure blog. The video was done by FORMAT67.NET. They have done some other decent videos you can check out on their vimeo site as well.  Be sure to go HD and full screen with sound up.

Best example of AE86 perfection

I wanted to post these to share the love.  I know most hachi roku fans have seen at least one of these pictures.  But not everyone has seen all 10.  This is about as perfect of an example that I have ever seen for a street usable AE86.  No, I do not even have dreams that mine could look this good.  This car as far as I know was built by Crystal Body Yokohama (CBY).  As you can see, it is a Levin.  And it makes me happy.  Like always, click photos for larger versions.  Unfortunately the large versions are not big enough, but they are a good tease.

AE86 Levin Continue reading

Diamond Bullet for Nuclear Fusion

According to this article at Popular Science, a team of Chinese scientists say they should be able to create nuclear fusion by firing a bullet made of diamond into a block of crystal methane.  Note: this is not the crystal meth that is so popular around here.

Catch is, that bullet would have to be shot at about 3,280,840 fps or about 746x faster than my .22-250 shoots.  The bullet would be 1 cubic mm volume. So at 0.00352 g/mm^3 that bullet would weigh 0.054 grains.  Or 1/740 of the weight of my .22-250 bullets. But due to velocity’s role in the calculations, I get that the muzzle energy firing that tiny little bullet would be about 734x the muzzle energy of my .22-250.  In other words, good luck with that guys.  And let me come watch when you do it!

Where are the Liberals?

So I was flipping through radio stations and heard Glenn Beck proudly tout the fact he has the third most listened to radio show in the country. I found that a bit surprising as he is a very divisive character. I really can’t listen to him. He makes crazy huge leaps of of faith to “prove” conspiracy theories that even if they are true, deep down I don’t want to know about them. So I hit the wikipedia.  I know it’s wiki and therefore not super reliable, but I looked for other sources and didn’t come up with anything I would call any more reliable.

They list the top 9 (why only 9?) talk radio shows as: Continue reading