Cindy McCain is probably the coolest political figure ever!

As if I needed another reason to vote for McCain over the anti-american, socialist, constitution hating twat Obama…  Sure, this is just his wife that is this cool.  But it helps.


Lori with her Walther P22 at the range

Well, we finally got to take Lori’s new gun to the range today.  I was surprised by her Walther P22.  When we bought it, she liked it so we got it.  I personally didn’t like the feel.  It was way too small for my hand.  So small it felt like a toy.

Before we bought it, we heard of problems with round ejection.  We were told you had to use high end high velocity ammo for it to work properly.  That kind of defeats the purpose of buying a .22 unless it’s for competition.  So I got some Federal 550 round box generic stuff.  It worked flawlessly.  Not a single jam or any other kind of ejection problem.

I only had 2 complaints about the gun.  1- The sight blow assholes.  After shooting my Steyr with the trapezoidal sights or whatever they call them, I hate anything else besides a scope.  2- If my .40 can hold 12 rounds, a .22 should be able to hold at least 20.

But overall, it shot well.  Accurate, fast, trouble free.  If you can tolerate the sights and the feel of it’s tiny frame, then I would definitely recommend one to anyone that wants a .22 handgun.

And just for good measure, here is a cell phone shot of her (nice shirt huh) showing off her gun:

Lori’s Walther P22

So here are the pics as promised of Lori’s new gun.  A black on black Walther P22.  She has yet to shoot it.  But that will change in about a week.

And here is a size comparison of her gun on top of mine:

Looks almost toyish doesn’t it?  I’ve actually always liked the look of these guns.  But it is a bit small for my hands…

Steyr M40-A1 captured guide rod from Big Taco

So here are some promised pictures of my Steyr with the polished guide rod from Big Taco.  It was like $40 with a factory spring installed.   I think it is an extra $5 or so to get it in black.  I wanted a little bling, so I stuck with the polished version.  I have yet to shoot it with the new rod.  But even cycling it by hand feels a tiny bit better.  Maybe it is just what we call in the car business my “butt dyno” being broken.  But we’ll see.  Going to the range soon.  Taking Lori and her new gun (see next post).

Install took about 20 seconds.  I like the look.  Should be much more durable than the factory plastic piece.

Here is a shot with the slide open:

Here is a shot of the business end:

And here is the gratuitous “Breaking and entering disposal kit” shot that people seem to like so much.  BTW, the knife is a Columbia River.  I like it, it looks mean and it cuts well.  And it was fairly affordable compared to other knifes of it’s type.