Dead Money DLC Trailer

Bethesda posted the new trailer for the first DLC for Fallout: New Vegas on their blog this morning. You can check out their blog here. Since I am almost finished with my 2nd playthrough, I am very much looking forward to this… Not sure what to think about the ghost looking things in the trailer though. How do you kill a ghost? Are they adding Proton packs and ghost traps so you can live out your Ghost Buster fantasies?


Top Gear USA Ratings for Week 2

Well, I almost didn’t post this as it is very bad news. But the ratings came in a couple days ago for Top Gear USA. Viewership went down from it’s first week of 1.9 million viewers to this week’s dismal 1.3 million. That is a very bad sign. I have seen shows with more viewers than that get dumped before their season even ended.

Personally, I found week 2 to be a vast improvement over the first show. Everyone seemed to be more jovial and less robotic. It’s still no UK Top Gear. But if episode 3 shows this much improvement, I could see viewership returning with a vengeance. Rutledge Wood is still my least favorite guy on the show. And from what I have heard people saying, I am far from the only one.

Good luck Top Gear. Hopefully that drop from episode 1 to episode 2 can be overlooked by people. Especially by the History Channel.