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Just added Redline Time Attack to the blogroll. They are pretty much the standard series for time attack these days. You can also visit their website here: Redline


Redline Time Attack at Miller

So I worked the last couple days out at Miller Motorsports for the Redline time attack.  We were racing the R35 GTR in unlimited as well as pulling double duty running the MazdaSpeed3 in street and modified.

GTR did ok.  It needs to lose about 800 lbs to be good.  The Mazda rocked.  We ended up winning first place in both classes.  And not by a small margin either. So now we have 2 wins in Street FWD. Hopefully we can keep it up until the finale. Sure would be sweet to get the win for the entire season.

Here is a shot from the event of the trophies:

Added to the blogroll

Just a short note to say I added FBMG to my blogroll. I took a CCW class from them at Cabela’s this weekend. Seemed like cool guys. And they have a couple gunsmiths on staff. I haven’t been to their shop yet. But I plan to. I guess they also do a lot of other classes besides CCW. So if you need some gun use practice and/or training, give them a call.

My custom Ruger 10/22

So since getting my Steyr, I have been getting back into shooting more. Since it costs so much to shoot my .40, when I go to the range I take along my Ruger 10/22. I built this back in 1996 with the help of my cousin who is a gunsmith of sorts. Not sure what his actual qualifications are. But I know he has a ton of gun knowledge and has built some very sweet guns.

Now for the specs:
Stainless match grade .920 diameter barrel.
Ruger 10/22 stock action with reworked trigger and adjustable trigger stop and polished.
Fajen thumbhole silhouette laminated wood stock final shaping by me and stained black.
Bushnell Sportview 4×32 scope. This will hopefully soon be replaced by something better.

This gun is crazy accurate. Hopefully even better with a better scope. And it still looks pretty good for being 12 years old. Here’s some pictures:

I will try and get some better shots taken after I upgrade the scope. Maybe I will pick on up at Cabelas when I go there for my conceal carry class this weekend. I also plan on getting a Tactical Solutions extended magazine release while I am there. And when I am installing those I will see about modifying my bolt lock plate.

Modified Magzine Tuner Shootout & NASA Time Trials at Firebird

So a few weeks ago, 4 of us from work went down to Phoenix for the Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout and NASA time trials event at Firebird Raceway. We took the GTR for the Modified event and the MazdaSpeed3 for the time trials event.

COBB R35 GTR on Volk Progressive ME 19\'s wheels and Toyo R888 tires
COBB MS3 1st in TTC class

Well there is a bunch of write-ups about this event. But the GTR did well. I’m not supposed to say how well. But it was good. And the MazdaSpeed3 with one of our mechanics driving it got 1st place in TTC. And in spite of some odd rule situations managed to qualify for the year end Super Street Magazine time attack at ButtonWillow in November.

You can read more about it here:

My New Toy… Steyr M40-A1

So this weekend I picked up a new toy. Actually, it was a father’s day present from my awesome wife. She wanted me to pick it out. So me and friend of mine went and picked one up. Cabela’s had a great deal going on them. Regular price $589 on sale for $389. I had been considering the Springfield XD and a Glock. The XD and Glock were on sale for $50 off. Which wasn’t bad, but hardly compares to $200 off. I read a ton of reviews and nobody had anything serious to say against this gun. Main complaints were things like looks or not liking the sight. Many thought it was superior to both the glock and XD. I felt them all and the XD had slightly better trigger position for me, but very slightly better. So I went with the Steyr M40-A1 automatic handgun. It’s a .40 S&W. I picked that caliber for a good combination of velocity, energy, mag capacity, and accuracy.

Here are some shots:

Well, today we went to the range during lunch hour. This gun was great. Accuracy was amazing. The muzzle had very little flip. The gun had very little recoil. I was surprised how accurate it was considering I bought the cheapest FMJ ammo I could find. Figured there was no reason wasting expensive ammo on the paper targets. I bought a bunch more ammo and plan on heading to the range in a couple days again. There is nothing I don’t like about this gun. And I have no idea how people can complain about the trapezoidal sights. They are perfect. Way better than the typical 3 dot sights.

Biggie’s Lap Battle Time Attack

So on May 4th I was given a great deal on some track time by a friend of mine. Yes, I know that was quite a while ago. What can I say, I’ve been busy and/or lazy.

Well, this event run by Lap Battle It’s a time attack format. The first run group you go out set as fast of a time as you can. Then each run group after that you are sent out in order of how fast you were in the previous run group. This is nice because not only does it lessen the chance of slow guys blocking the fast guys, but it also makes it so you can hopefully learn from the guy in front of you.

In the first run group, the only car I beat was a WRX. Like me, this poor guy was on street tires. Basically me and everyone I beat were on street tires and everyone that beat us was on race tires.

We ran the East course at Miller Motorsports. This was my first time on the East course. It’s definitely the more fun side. It is also the side they will be running the GT Live time attack on next month.

Here’s a shot of me getting ready to go out:
Lining up

I ended up getting beat by over 16 seconds by this guy:

He’s a great driver that has tons of track time and he destroyed us all. With all whopping 260 HP or so. I have autocrossed with him since about 8 years ago. Although, we both have pretty much given that up since the track was built.

Here’s a couple other shots of me on track:

Well, before the next event I hope to have race tires, wider wheels, my coilovers back on (I was on stock shocks with COBB springs and sways), and high-flow cats with my COBB AP set to stage 2. So about an extra 10 HP. Last time I took my 350Z to the track the brakes were dangerously bad. Before this track day I upgraded the fluid and the brake lines. The brakes seemed to work ok, but not great. I don’t think the Porterfield R4S pads are near aggressive enough for track use. Some day I may be a baller and get the Stoptech 355mm big brake kit. But for now, I am too broke for such extravagant expenditures.

Hopefully I can keep this blog a bit more up to date in the future.