The RV fun continues. Or when will it start?

When I left off, I was taking the coach into get some routine maintenance done as well as get the alternator checked out. $2,000 later, we have it back home safe and sound with everything working. Everything except the toilet that is. So still no big trips for us.

I took it into the local Detroit Diesel service center to get some proper work done. On the way there, the engine died on me several times. 5 if I remember correctly. Not happy times. I finally nursed it there. As I mentioned before, the oil change on the engine was just shy of $300. While it was in, I had them change all the filters and also do the same for the generator to make sure all the important stuff was up to snuff. I also had them check the air brake system to make sure everything there was safe. And of course I had them try to determine why my engine died so many times on the way there. Good news is, the brakes looked good and the oil and filter changes went off without a hitch. Bad news is the alternator was shot. As was 3 of the 4 batteries. Yeah, the batteries the place we bought it from replaced with “reman” units. What a bunch of crap. For 2 chassis batteries and 1 house battery it cost me just over $500. The engine dying was apparently due to the alternator issue. When voltage drops too far there is a solenoid that shuts off the fuel.

After the shop had it for a week, we got the call at 4:00 a.m. (my fault, I told a 24 hour service shop that any time was fine to call) saying the coach was ready to be picked up. We went in and got it at 6:00. Started up fine. Drove it home. Let it idle in the driveway for a bit while we tried to decide if we wanted to take it on a 600 mile trip in a couple hours. We decide to chance it. So I took it over to Costco for some diesel. I turn it off, and go to get fuel. I still hear an engine running. And it’s not the guy next to me. So I walk around to see if it is on the other side of the coach. Nope, it’s my engine running. And the key is in my hand. Awesome. I go inside and try dicking with the key. It won’t shut off. Screw it, I’ll just fill up and use the main battery switch to kill it. Works on the racecar anyway. I call the place that fixed it. They want me to bring it back right away so they can fix it. OK, fine. Trip is off I guess. At least taking this on the trip.

I get back there and the engine won’t die. Even when the main battery switch is turned off. Took it in because the engine was dying, now I can’t kill it. They fixed it a bit too well. They spent an hour trying to figure it out until I told them I need to leave town and told them to keep it as long as they need it to fix it right.

Fast forward a week, turns out the alternator they got was wired a bit different than the one Country Coach uses normally. So they fixed it. Now it seems to work great. The thing drives amazing. Can’t wait to get it on the road for a real trip. However, there is still the toilet issue. It turns out the toilet is an electric porcelain toilet. No shitty (pun intended) plastic RV toilet in this mansion on wheels. Problem is, there is a plastic disc that operates the flap. The thing is cracked all the way through. We tried super-gluing it together and putting it back in. It just snapped again. So I ordered a new one. The company that makes the toilet is not far away, in California. They won’t sell to me, I have to go to their dealer in New Jersey. That stupid 2” diameter flat plastic disc with a setscrew is $28 shipped. Holy crap! $0.10 of plastic, $0.05 of setscrew, and $0.50 of shipping for the low low price of just $30. Uggghh. Hopefully that is the last of our issues.

Oh, BTW, I don’t know if I mentioned our water flow issue before, but we had no water flowing out of the kitchen sink and shower. Turns out they were just clogged with garbage. Cleaned them out and they work fine. We will still get new ones eventually anyway, but not until all issues are fixed.