Holy Update Batman

So since my last post a lot has happened:

1- We had our new baby girl.  She came a few weeks early and had a little bit of a rough start.  But she has been doing great.  The rough start was actually caused by douche bag doctors not wanting to be sued so they too too many unnecessary precautions resulting in a 5 day long NICU stay.  All for no reason whatsoever.  I have bitched and bitched about this stuff to family and friends.  So I’m done.  We got a beautiful little girl out of it.  And she looks just like me.  Only more girly.  I hope.  I will post pics, just don’t have much here and due to the #2 part of the post, I will have to wait a bit.

2- My laptop died.  I had a Dell 1550 (I think that’s what it was).  I have had it for about 4 years, maybe more.  And it finally kicked the bucket.  She was a good computer, but luckily I already had my eye one something a bit newer, lighter, sleeker, and faster.  So I ordered a Dell Studio 15.  Basically it’s like the more expensive XPS laptops, only it’s cheaper.  Tangerine orange, 3GB RAM, Core 2 duo 2.0 ghz, 320 GB HD, DVD-R, etc…  It just shipped today, should have it first thing next week.  Pics are coming.

3- We went and bought Lori a handgun.  She has never shot a handgun before so I told her I would get her a .22 so we could afford for her to fire a few thousand rounds through it before we got her a more serious gun.  She was fine with that plan, she just thinks it makes her look like a bad-ass wearing it.  I had her feel a bunch of guns.  First was the Walther P22, then the SIG Mosquito.  She liked the P22 the most, it  doesn’t fit my hand well at all, but I do love the look of it.  I made her go to another store to check out some other options.  One was a S&W, another a Browning.  She didn’t think either of those looked like real guns.  So I got her the P22 in all black.  When we got home, I ordered her a paddle holster off ebay for $20.  Don’t have it yet.  But like everything else in this post, pics are coming.

4- At work, we ordered a new ROMER Stinger IIi CMM arm which should be shipping next week.  It’s a pretty sweet carbon fiber and aluminum piece.  I won’t bore you all with the details, but we have high hopes for cool designs I can make using it.  For those that have no idea what a CMM arm is for, you basically use it to measure things that are almost impossible to measure without one.  So like the arcs that make up a front bumper or the contour of a door, etc…

5- To go along with #4, my work got me a freakin’ sweet laptop.  It’s a Core 2 duo 2.5 ghz, 2GB RAM, 512MB GeForce MX770M video, etc…  I did some benchmark tests on it.  And it is about 40% faster than my desktop at work.  It’s a Dell M4400 workstation.  Even as awesome as it is, it’s still lighter than my old dead laptop.

6- I got a new guide rod and spring for my Steyr M40-A1.  I went with the polished stainless rod rather than the black oxide finished version to add a little bling.  The stock rod is black plastic.  And it works fine.  But you can feel the action is a bit smoother with the new rod.  I am hoping the gun is a bit less picky on ammo now.  It wasn’t bad before, but the rounds I like the feel of the most (Remington JHP 165gr) would occasionally jam up.  Can’t be having my home defense gun jam up on me when I’m killin’ me some criminals.  I got the rod from a guy that calls himself BigTaco.  It uses a factory spring which he installs for you.  I paypaled him the money and 2 days later, had the rod in the mail.  It was easy to install, feels great, only cost $40, and should be more durable than stock.  I’m happy…  Again, pics are coming…

7- I ordered a CCW holster for my Steyr.  I was  told leather is the most comfortable, so that’s what I got.  It’s a custom hand made black leather holster from a place called JMG Holsters.  Going to take another 2 months to get that bad boy.  Probably get it about when I get my CCW permit.

8- From what I have read, it appears, Barrack Hussein Obama is a dipshit with known ties to terrorists, a radical Muslim background, probably not even born in the US, and hates the constitution and everything it stands for.  For the first time ever, I have been honestly afraid for our country’s future, because I think he may win.