Photos from the Formula Drift After Dark event in Las Vegas 2012

I got a call a few days before the event from my friend Erik asking me if I wanted to head to Vegas for the Formula D event. Usually short notice is a no-go thanks to kids, but now that the kids are staying with their mom during school, it gives me a bit more freedom to do fun stuff like this. And man was it fun. I highly recommend attending a Formula D event. I have watched it on TV and even watched demos at places like SEMA. But none of it was near as cool as being there. The noise, the smoke, the carnage, the atmosphere…

I drove down to Vegas with Erik Seo. He is an awesome photographer with a bunch of magazine shoots under his belt. I brought my D3100 with the crappy 18-55 lens, and due to the thick safety fence around the entire course, I was unable to get any good pictures. So really I didn’t even try after a few. Instead I spent my time enjoying the show or being body guard to Erik’s equipment bag. So rather than post pics here I will just send you to Erik’s blog

BTW, I also picked up an awesome souvenir while there. It’s an HPI E10 Falken Ford Mustang Drift car. And it was signed at the event by Justin Pawlak who is the guy that drives the real one and is currently sitting in 4th place going into the final event of the year.