Autocross MazdaSpeed3 Project #9

Results are in from another autocross. I ended up 6th overall. I was 3rd in class. But to show you how close our class is, 4 of the 5 cars in our class were in the top 7 overall. That is from a total driver count of 76. This is overall PAX results.

After my fourth run of the morning session I was second overall and first in class. Then that fast little Cobalt beat me on the fifth run, and I was unable to improve on my fifth run. That pushed me down to second in class and third overall.

Then came the afternoon runs. I dropped about a half second off my time. Unfortunately, a few others dropped significantly more and pushed me down the list. We only got three runs in the afternoon and I decided to let the wife take all three of her runs prior to me taking all three of mine. My first afternoon run, where I dropped a half second, felt pretty good as far as grip goes. Both runs after that felt very greasy. I tried cooling off the tires between runs, but that didn’t help. So I am assuming it is all that stupid topseal or whatever they call it that is on that racing surface at this site. I think I just missed out on prime time for good times.

Overall, I had fun and while not stoked on the results, I can’t complain too much about being 6th out of 76 in the wife’s school bus. And after my 1st run in the 49’s I knew there was a 47 in it. And I got there. So that is somewhat gratifying. Especially when others in my class seemed to think I was being optimistic when I said we could get there. Unfortunately, 2 of them got there more forcefully than me.

Now. How could I have done better?

  • I should have stiffened up the rear anti-roll bar. It is still set to soft and I was fighting understeer all day.
  • I could maybe have played with rear shock settings but I honestly don’t think they would have made enough difference.
  • I am still trying to figure out tire pressures. Right now I am happiest with 39 front, 37 rear. However, that combination was terrible at the last race site. So I think I have yet to figure out ideal. Time to pull out the shoe polish I guess…
  • I am still trying to get used to the way the differential works on this car. Sometimes it helps pull me in under throttle, sometimes it pushes me out. I think this will just require more seat time to nail down.
  • Mental. I was not focused at all at this event. I had a bad headache all day, and I let that occupy my thoughts far more than I should have.
  • Traction control. I forgot to turn it off for the first few runs. And at least 1 run was a complete waste because of it.