More Great Dane puppy pictures

Not going to say much. It is obvious how adorable they are. They began to open their eyes at 10 days for Boba Fett and 11 for Han Solo. And last night at day 13 they walked for the first time. This typically involved walking about 4 step then plopping their rear down. Han Solo could walk a little further since he doesn’t have quite the girth to carry around. They still are making cute puppy grunting noises and doing a lot of sleeping and eating.

Now onto the pictures, sorry about the quality. On-board flash is not so awesome, and they wiggle around too much to not use a flash:

Boba N Han-1Boba N Han-1-2 Boba N Han-1-3 Boba N Han-1-4 Boba N Han-1-5 Boba N Han-1-6 Boba N Han-1-7