Selling my 2006 Mazdaspeed6

Time to move up to a new car. This one is amazing with low miles and I love it. I am just weird and need to have new things. I have invested a bunch in this one and someone else can enjoy it for me. Since I have already ordered my new car, this one must go.

2006 Mazdaspeed6 for sale

Mod list:
Cobb AccessPort ($595)

Cobb AccessPort

Cobb Turbo inlet hose ($180)
Cobb SF Intake ($195)

Cobb intake and TIH

Cobb shift knob ($70)

Shift knob

BC Racing coilovers ($1100 +6 hours of labor for a shop to install)

BC Racing BR Coilovers

Stoptech brake pads front and rear replaced maybe 4K miles ago ($125)
TSW Nurburgring wheels ($1025)
Brand new Continental Extreme contact tires ($700)
Total invested (not counting maintenance type stuff) = almost $4,000
I just had it aligned July 5th when I bought the tires.
Tires do not rub, fenders have not been rolled. I have the ride height set fairly low, but it does not bottom out unless I have 4 people in it. Even then, it doesn’t rub.

Barely reached 60,000 miles this weekend. The car has been in a garage the entire time I have owned it.

I am asking $16,000 for it.

For those that don’t know, standard features on the Mazdaspeed6:

Bose 6 Disc in-dash cd changer with subwoofer
HID Headlights
fog lights
2.3L Turbo 4 cylinder direct injected engine
Cruise control
6 speed
Power windows (auto up and down on all 4)

Stock the car has 274 HP
This one has about 320-330 HP
All maintenance was done at the dealership

MazdaSpeed6 for sale

Cobb intake again

BC Racing Damping Adjuster


Odie project 52 week 32

And now, to finally get close to up-to-date, here is a picture of Odie at 38 weeks old. The picture looks great on my computer at home, but others I have seen it on make it much darker. Oh well. Guess I need a monitor calibration.

Anyway, 38 weeks old, 29″ tall, 92lbs, just caught a Frisbee (which he is getting better and better at). Look at those muscles…

Getting good at the Frisbee action.

Odie project 52 week 31

In this picture, Odie is 37 weeks old. Still the same height and weight as the previous week. This picture was taken out at Miller Motorsports. Odie was watching me race my kart. I think he likes it out at the track. Sometimes he finds other dogs to play with, but he has to be on leash most of the time. Race cars and puppies don’t mix well.

At the track

Odie project 52 week 30

I have been terrible about my project 52 thing. In my last post, Odie was 33 weeks old, 28″ tall, 82 lbs.

I have a few posts coming today to update his status. In these pictures, he was 36 weeks old, about 28.5″ tall, and 88 lbs. I have a few to make up for lost time.

BTW, Odie has been going to obedience class. He was already such a good puppy, but slacking on a few small things. He has gone 5 weeks now. He does pretty well, and I will have some pictures from class 2 days ago for more recent update.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our hike up to Dog Lake. It was about a 6.5 mile total hike. At the top is a lake called Dog Lake. It was rather disappointing as the entire hike is very pretty, then at the top the lake is brown water, no shade, and big gravel beaches. I recommend the hike. But if you decide to turn around before you hit the lake, no loss.

On the way to Dog Lake

Odie made some friends on the way up the mountain

Love the snooty look on the white dog’s face

Shaking off, getting ready to go back down the hill