Odie Project 52 week 2

Not much more to say about him. Here is the photo from week 2. He is 8 weeks old i this one. And again, clicky for biggie.

He’s just out back chillin’ with a new discovery, Being a puppy.


New puppy / Project 52 thing

January 16th of this year I picked up a new puppy. His name is Odie. He is 75% Great Dane and 25% Pitbull. His mom was 50/50 and the same coloring as Odie. She is big and stout. His dad is a 100% brindle Great Dane. He is tall and skinny.

I was reading about some project 52 stuff on some blogs. Basically, you take 1 picture every week for a year. I figured this would be a great idea for something to watch Odie grow. He could be a 175 lb behemoth or he may end up being a 90 lb scrawny mutt. We will see. Here is the week one picture of Odie.  He is 7 weeks old in this shot:

As always, click on the photo for the high res version. He has such sweet eyes.