Well today this little blog reached 10,000 hits.  I know 10,000 isn’t much, but it’s a lot more than I ever expected to see.  Thank you to everyone that frequents my little corner of the web.


New trigger for the Gamo

One of the biggest complaints everyone has with their Gamo air rifles is the trigger.  It’s stiff, sloppy on the first stage, and the second stage seems inconsistent.  I noticed I would pull a lot of shot because the trigger throw was so long and stiff.

Well Charlie Da Tuna has a solution.  It’s the GRT-III trigger.  It fits pretty much every Gamo and many other air guns.


Stock trigger compared to the GRT-III Charliedatuna trigger

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Lee Breechlock Challenger Press Kit Review

Lee Breechlock reloading kit

Lee Breechlock reloading kit

So I finally got fed up with ammo prices and ran out of the ammo I reloaded at my cousin’s house.  So I decided to pick up a kit.  I wanted a kit since they come with almost all the equipment you need and you usually get a bit of a discount for it.  Also, they don’t really come with much equipment you don’t need.  So you don’t feel your money is wasted. Continue reading