New one

So we have a new baby coming. It is due 8/26/08. We just had an ultrasound a couple days ago.It was just a down syndrome test. All was normal. We still do not know the sex. I am hoping for a girl. Lori thinks it’s a boy. And of course, the picture reveals nothing. Here is a facial profile shot:

New Baby


Immigration reform in Utah

So, a couple days ago, the state of Utah passed a bill (through the house, not senate yet) that revokes driver privilege cards for illegal immigrants. Holy crap, it’s about time! As I understand it, this state was one of the few allowing these assholes to drive legally. And I use the term “legally” very loosely. Also, another part of this law states that police need to check on the immigration status of people they pull over. And arrest those found to be illegal. There is also another law they are passing that revokes state residency status for illegal immigrant students thereby making it so the state no longer covers the majority of their college tuition.

Now for the first bill: So the news is interviewing this illegal. And he is crying about how he relies on his car to cart him and his illegal wife around. Now this may seem normal to some of you, so let me put this into perspective. Say I rob a bank with a shotgun. I come out of the bank, and do an interview on TV. In this interview I complain that someone is talking about taking my shotgun away. Here is about how this interview would go:

“Hi, I’m mister just broke the law and have done so continuously every day for the past 5 years. Sure, I shot this bitch in the face with my shotgun, but I need my shotgun, or I can’t continue to break the law with it. Sure, I will still get another one and use it illegally. The only difference being, next time I probably won’t do an interview on TV since by then people will have recognized what a terrible thing I am doing. But for now it’s fine, because the tv peeps will never turn me in because people feel sorry for me for some reason.”

This is exactly what is going on. But for some reason, people think we should feel sorry for these people (again, term uses VERY loosely). So not only was I shocked that this thing thinks we should help him further break the law. But I was also pissed that people are just sitting here interviewing him. TURN HIM IN MORON !!! Lock him up, until you can eject his ass out of our country that he is knowingly and willingly and I am sure happy to be rotting from the inside out.

So it gets better. Then they interview a police spokesperson. This guy says “We have never told our guys to check immigrant status since their job is not to uphold federal law, but to protect our states citizens.” So this guy thinks that upholding the law is not a police officers job unless it is a state law. Again, lets put this into perspective. Say I am a international arms dealer selling nuclear devices to terrorists. I get pulled over in Utah. The police officer sees I am wanted for international terrorism, yet, it’s not a state thing so he lets me go. So I ask you… How is not upholding federal law also protecting state citizens? It’s not! It’s putting us all at risk. Sure my example may seem a bit more extreme to some. But it isn’t. These people are the ones using most of the stolen identities. And at least here out of every 10 violent crimes on the news usually at least 8 are committed by them. They have 3-6 families living in single family homes. Their cheap-ass laundry detergent stinks up the neighborhoods. They constantly cook with oil that again stinks up the neighborhoods. They make up nearly all gang elements around here. Or at least their worthless kids do. They scatter their busted ass cars all over the road. Most of which probably don’t even come close to passing emissions, they just use 1 plate on multiple cars. They don’t have legitimate jobs, so they don’t pay taxes, yet they sure use the shit out of some food stamps that we get to pay for. I haven’t even scratched the surface with what is wrong with them being here… I just get too mad to keep ranting about them. I just wish there was something we could do.

Basically, I just hope this law finally goes through senate, I hope more of these things get caught and more of them get sent to a very deep hole somewhere. I would prefer giant trebuchets then you could televise the action and make some money off it.

Now for the 2nd bill… I will keep this one short since it is obvious how I feel.

The state is currently paying for the education of illegal kids and children of illegal asshats. In what messed up world does this make sense? “Here boy, I want to give you the education necessary to destroy me, and I will pay for it, and help you in anyway I can until my ultimate destruction.” Again, this bill is necessary and long overdue and more than likely a case of too little too late.

The Intro

Well, right now, the plan for this blog is to update friends and family on all that is going on in our life. Also, we (Lori and I) will probably be doing some venting about life on here. Imagine that, a a blog used to inform and vent. Yes we are original.

Now for the intro… I am Dave. I am a hard part engineer at Cobb Tuning. So I get to design fun parts for awesome cars. I also like to attend industry car shows. I love time attack road racing, Grand Am, F1, autocrossing, drifting, and many other types of racing. My wife Lori stays at home with our boy. She is a great mom and takes great care of our boy Will. Will is an awesome kid. He’s only about 17 months old right now. He loves cars and birds. Here is a pic from a few months ago…

The Fam

I will do my best to keep this page updated, so come back for more. There may be a reason to some day 🙂