TruGlo 6-24X50 review / .22-250 Reload data / Sako L579 Forester

So my favorite rifle has been a bit neglected lately. It’s a Sako Forester in .22-250. It has the L579 action. As close as I can tell, it was imported from Finland back in about 1973. It was a gift from my dad to my mom back then and seeing as how my mom is not a fan of guns, she never shot it and decided to save it for me. So it sat in my grandpa’s gun cabinet for about 18 years. Then once I hit that magical age my mom thought was old enough for me to have it it became mine. Every time I would visit grandpa’s house I would sit and look at that gun through the glass on the front of his cabinet tempted to take it out on his farm and have some fun. But I wouldn’t risk never getting it by trying to have it too soon. So there it sat. Right next to his Savage Model 99 lever action 300 Savage. There’s another cool old gun.

Sako Forester L579

Sako Forester L579

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Shooting the S&W 22A

So I got to hit the range with a friend of mine today to test out the new gun for the first time.   I was using some cheap Federal value pack high velocity and some CCI Blazer high velocity.  I have been warned that both of those types may have feeding issues in the gun, but that’s what I had.  I was shooting at targets that are some “official” 25′ slow fire pistol targets. Continue reading

Father’s day is likely my favorite day…

So This year for father’s day my wife bought me another gun.  This year I got my present early thanks to Cabela’s having a $20 off coupon.  So after calling around a week ago, nobody had the gun I wanted in stock except Cabela’s.  So when this weekend rolled around we made the drive down there (maybe 20 miles is all).  Turns out in the week between when I called and when we went shopping, they sold out of this particular gun.  So after calling around again, we found it at Impact Guns.  They have a great website with a ton of guns (not this one though) and their West Valley store is very close to my house.  Their website makes you think their store would be some 30,000 square foot warehouse with maybe some sort of small store front.  But really it’s a crappy little run down building in the ghetto with bars on the windows and maybe a couple thousand total square feet of store.  But they do have a decent selection of anything from 10/22’s to Barret M82’s. Continue reading