2011 Lotus F1 Car

Team Lotus (with a Renault engine) unveiled their car today. Here are some pictures from them of it. Not to be confused with Lotus Renault F1 which also uses the Lotus name and the Renault name and unveiled their car the same day. However, I have been unable to find quality pictures from that team.

As always, click for much larger versions.



2011 Mercedes F1 Car

To go along with the news of the Ferrari F150, Mercedes today released a teaser CG shot of their new car. Apparently this is the only shot released by Mercedes so far. I guess in a couple days we will be seeing a bunch more cars at the first test…

Be sure to click on the picture for a much larger version.

Ferrari F150 – Launch detail & Analysis (via Scarbsf1’s Blog)

Go check out this blog if you are into technical detail of F1 cars. The guy is a stud. He has great analysis of all the cars. So far, for 2011, Ferrari is the only one to unveil their car. But I am sure he will have equal coverage of all the cars. He always does…

Ferrari F150 - Launch detail & Analysis Ferrari launched their F150 today in Maranello. While the car sports some interesting features, overall it must be seen as a conventional and literal approach to the new rules and carries the influence of the team’s two previous cars. This approach seems to suit Ferrari who has not worked well with extreme innovation in the past. They keep the car simple and gain the most potential from it. We can expect more extreme concept cars from several tea … Read More

via Scarbsf1's Blog

iPhone Holster

More fun from the site Kickstarter. It seems no matter how silly your idea is, there must be people out there that are as delusional as you. There is currently a project seeking funding for an iPhone holster. Granted, as of the time I write this there is only one backer, but I have seem some seriously stupid things get funded on that site. It does seem the iphone market would be full of the kind of people that frown on open carry and thusly would be annoyed by such a creation. But, like I said, kickstarter has helped fund some very lame things before…

Here is a picture of it, in case this idea sounds tempting to you:

Only $35 and you can have on in brown or black. I really want to see some guy dual wielding iPhones trying some quick-draw in line at Starbucks with a big red bandanna around his neck. That would be great while trying his best John Wayne impersonation. Or maybe someone using it as a Halloween costume. Cowboy Steve Jobs.