Nemesis Arms Windrunner at SHOT 2010

Nemesis Arms is a company out of California.  They were showing off their Windrunner which is a sniper rifle that comes in .243, .260, .308, and .338 Federal (???).  The rifle breaks down easily and comes in a nice little case for transport.  The rifle was designed by Bill Ritchie who is supposedly the designer of the .408 Cheytac round.

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Architectural firm

Rarely do I like most projects from a single architectural firm.  But man, I really like what this place can do.  They are called A-cero.  Check out their site HERE.  I like their residences, I like their interiors, I like their office building, I like their museums.  I only found a couple projects of theirs I do not love.

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The Breach by Patrick Lee book review

The Breach by Patrick Lee

Book Cover

The Breach by Patrick Lee is a new book from a new author.  The first page lists the first paperback print date as January of 2010.  And says there was a special printing in August of 2009.  So like I said, very new.  And this is apparently Patrick Lee’s first book.

Plot: An ex-con, ex-cop goes to Alaska for some soul searching.  While hiking 20+ miles from the nearest town he comes across a downed unmarked 747.  Everyone in the plane is shot in the head, and nearby, there is a couple people being tortured.   Continue reading