Annual progress check for Eve Online

It is time for my annual progress check in Eve Online. Again, this is for me, not for you. BTW, as of right now, I am at just under 69 million total skill points.

Since July 27th of 2015 to July 17th of this year, here is the breakdown of my skills:

Skillset 7/27/15 SP (millions) 7/17/16 SP (millions)
Gunnery 8.56 11.89
Engineering 4.87 5.01
Drones 5.71 8.26
Spaceship command 8.12 20.26
Armor 2.19 2.05*
Shields 2.68 2.68
Navigation 3.29 3.29
Electronic systems 1.41 1.45
Missiles 4.24 6.71
Production 0.37 0.37
Trade 0.21 0.21
Rigging 0.68 0.98
Targeting 1.37 1.37
Resource processing 0.9 0.90
Neural enhancement 0.16 0.17
Science 0.47 0.66
Social 0.04 0.04
Scanning 1.68 1.68
Leadership 0.37 0.65
Subsystems 0.04 0.27
Planet management 0.07 0.07
Corporate management 0 0

I still have no skill points in corporate management as I have no interest in running a corp.

I have no idea how my armor points actually decreased unless maybe it was from when my Proteus died.

And here is how the skills are distributed by level:

Total skills 228 249
Skills at L5 63 79
Skills at L4 63 78
Skills at L3 81 72
Skills at L2 12 12
Skills at L1 9 8

My goals last year were:

Get better at solo PvP. Get to where I can clear a C3 site solo. FC a small fleet. Kill a real character with a Proteus, not just NPCs.

How did I do? It would seem I lost track of my goals. I did get a little better at PvP I think. Although, I still do not do hardly any solo PvP. I could probably clear a C3 site solo, but I have never actually tried. I built a Proteus and got it blown up and never bothered to build another one. I FC’ed a fleet of 3, but it was PvE not PvP.

So what then are my goals for the coming year? No idea. I started training toward a dreadnaught. But I don’t see buying one in the next year as they are stupid expensive and I don’t spend enough time in game these days to get too rich. The corp is moving to Amarr space, so I’m not too sure what to expect there. Luckily behind Gallente, my Amarr skills are next highest.


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