RV Adventures Continued

Our new behemoth has finally made it home. After almost 3 weeks of waiting after we purchased it, it has finally come home. Not without issue though…

The dealer we bought it from delivered it to our house to make up for the wait we went through. We spent the night cleaning it up and loading all of our vacation stuff in it. We ran the generator the whole time and made sure things were still working. Our new secondary home was being made to feel more like its designated role.

Country Coach-1-2

The Behemoth. 1998 Country Coach Magna 40′

The next morning, we went out to play with it again and discovered the batteries were dead. The main switch was off for the chassis battery, but it was down to 8V. I threw the 50a Harbor Freight battery charger and it got the batteries enough charge to turn the engine, but not start it. Meanwhile that super high quality charger started to smell like it was on fire. The batteries were only up to 10.5v, so I unhooked it from the battery.

It turns out the batteries that were “checked” were bad. At least 3 of the 4 batteries were. So the dealer sent a guy out to replace them for us. We spent the remainder of the day shoveling snow to make room to try getting this monster into the back yard to avoid any possible neighbor aggro. I know this thing is one heavy bugger, so we figured our best chance was to wait until morning when the  ground might be frozen and have a bit more strength thereby giving us the best chance of making it to the backyard without getting stuck or screwing up the grass.

So, the next morning rolls around and we make the move. And fail miserably. It turns out to get the proper line from our driveway I would need to remove a tree to make the turn. And of course the frozen ground didn’t help much. So we ended up with three inch deep troughs across our grass and one sprinkler head sunk well into the ground. So our next adventure is coming up with a solution to our parking issue. Meanwhile our new toy is parked at a property owned by the wife’s family that they use for parking such things. And it will likely stay there until we come up with a solution for the house.

Country Coach-1

The Behemoth. 1998 Country Coach Magna 40′

Lessons learned: Dealers don’t always check everything they say they did. 30,000 lbs empty is too much for a lawn, even if the dirt under that lawn is mostly gravel. A 40′ coach has a LOT of storage space that needs to be cleaned prior to filling it up.

Until our next installment…


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