Short Motorhome Update:

Well, during the systems checks, there was an issue found with the furnace in our Country Coach. It had air in the diesel line. To fix it, they had to drop the fuel tank which, if I remember correctly was about 3/4 full putting it at about 75 gallons or so. Then there was an issue with some coil in the heater so they have ordered a new part for that. Today they say we will have it tomorrow, but we have heard that a few times now.
On one hand, it makes me feel good that they are being thorough. On the other hand, it concerns me that it has been almost 3 weeks since we bought it and it has been in the shop the whole time.
On a side note, our weekend plans fell through so we don’t have to have the motorhome as soon as we anticipated.
We went crazy buying all the weird necessities for the motorhome this week. Things like drinking water hose, fuses, water pressure regulator, 50a-30a power adapter, etc… So since we don’t have the coach yet, we just have a huge pile of stuff for it in the kitchen and foyer. Not excited at all are we? Alas, the adventures have yet to begin.

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