Eve Progress Check

It has been just a few days over a year since my last progress check in Eve Online. I almost made this post last week, but wanted to wait for one more skill to reach level 5. In the last year, CCP has introduced T3 destroyers, which is a whole new skill set. They have also removed clones which I believe may be the reason for my Science skill count having dropped. Either that or when I put .59 last year, it should have read .06 which would have matched the previous year. During this year I used my first neural remap. Yes, I should have done it long ago. But I didn’t so too bad… Also this year I have been doing a bit more PvP and using cheap jump clones which severely hinders skill training while in them. This year, I have also come to love a new (to me) ship. The Ishtar. It has been whacked with the Nerf bat twice this year and it is still a great ship. Hopefully CCP leaves it alone for a bit and takes their stupid bat home for a while. But I am not counting on it, because it is still a great ship. This year I have trained into Interdictors, Interceptors, Electronic Warfare ships, HACs, HICs, Strategic cruisers, and probably something else. It’s been a great year full of shiny new ships.

I am still with Diamond Command. We played around in faction warfare for a bit. And we kind of quit playing PvP in Null and started spending more time in wormholes. We set up a POS in a wormhole that I think is only regularly used by one person. We got a bunch of new guys and lost a bunch of those new guys. We really have about 7 or 8 core members. The rest come and go. I think we are just too small for them. I still like the smallness of it, but I admit, it hampers some activities unless you want to go play with other groups. There is rarely enough people online when not a scheduled fleet night to run a C5 wormhole for instance. As for my progress in the Diamond Command doctrines, I finished them all long ago. I have still not completed the old Brave Newbies DPS doctrine so I am still using that as a supplemental benchmark. I say supplemental, as I am not trying to complete it, it just happens to be getting completed as I do whatever tickles my fancy.

So since July 24th of 2014 to July 27th of this year, here is the breakdown of my skills:

Skillset 7/27/15 SP (millions) 7/24/14 SP (millions)
Gunnery 8.56 5.30
Engineering 4.87 3.08
Drones 5.71 3.74
Spaceship command 8.12 4.05
Armor 2.19 2.19
Shields 2.68 1.61
Navigation 3.29 1.61
Electronic systems 1.41 0.78
Missiles 4.24 2.11
Production 0.37 0.30
Trade 0.21 0.21
Rigging 0.68 0.53
Targeting 1.37 0.58
Resource processing 0.9 0.89
Neural enhancement 0.16 0.16
Science 0.47 0.59
Social 0.04 0.04
Scanning 1.68 0.45
Leadership 0.37 0.05
Subsystems 0.04 0.007
Planet management 0.07 0
Corporate management 0 0

I still have no skill points in corporate management as I have no interest in running a corp.

And here is how the skills are distributed by level:

Total skills 228 188
Skills at L5 63 36
Skills at L4 63 68
Skills at L3 81 60
Skills at L2 12 17
Skills at L1 9 7

Goals for the upcoming year:

Get better at solo PvP. Get to where I can clear a C3 site solo. FC a small fleet. Kill a real character with a Proteus, not just NPCs.


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