Autocross MazdaSpeed3 Project #4

Now for the first, and most boring of the box reveals.

Exhaust hangers. Woot woot. Don’t pretend you aren’t excited… OK, yeah, these are just to keep the exhaust from hitting things when the car is being tossed about. Nothing too exciting other than they could actually create some exhaust clearance issues once we get to that stage. But we will see.

Cobb exhaust hangers

Cobb exhaust hangers

And for the second box reveal. The next most useless part: a shift knob. This used to be my design. I was pretty disappointed that it is no longer completely the one I designed. Luckily, the place I picked it up had the shape I designed, but now, instead of the logos being engraved around the base with a little ball mill, they appear to be silk screened on. And not even completely straight for that matter. Way to cheap out Cobb 😦 And as I mentioned, this appears to be my design on the shape. However, Cobb has recently changed to shape of the knob. So if you were to order one today, it would likely be more of a melted dildo shape rather than this shift knob like shape I made. Kind of fitting given Cobb’s original marketing theme of double entendres for these knobs. Anyway, I am a little disappointed, but still happy we didn’t get stuck with the melted dildo.

Cobb Knob

Cobb Knob


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