Progress Check in Eve Online v.2

Last time I posted on this was Spetember of 2013.  At that point I had 11.5 million skillpoints and broke them down. A lot has changed in Eve for me since then. Back then I was a Brave Newbie and proud of it. Since then, Brave got too big, I lost my love of all that was Brave. Comms sucked, fleets mostly sucked. The system was insanely busy for low sec. I just kind of quit caring. And now I have 27.7 million total skillpoints.

So now, I am a member of a corporation called Diamond Command. It’s small, consisting of barely over 20 people, some of which are alts. We do regular scheduled fleets 3 nights a week. And it has been great. We do a wide variety of activities in fleet. Including wormhole PvE/PvP, low sec anomalies/L5 missions/PvP, and high sec L4 missions (this is only when we have too small of fleets to make money at the other stuff). It is a lot less crazy than being in Brave. And for me, it has been even more fun. Nothing is more fun the winning as the underdog. And we do a lot of that.

In Diamond Command, we have a different set of doctrine skills to train than what Brave had. Therefore my progress I covered in my last post has been skewed to my current circumstance. I will however still relate it back to the Brave doctrine as it was a HUGE one and a good benchmark.

So here is how my current skills breakdown compared to September of last year. As before, this is mostly for my reference:

Skillset                        Current SP in millions        11 months ago SP in millions

Gunnery                                        5.30                                                        2.23

Engineering                                 3.08                                                        2.07

Drones                                          3.74 (Love these things lately)          1.47

Spaceship command                 4.05                                                         1.46 (wow!)

Armor                                           2.19                                                         1.13

Shields                                          1.61                                                         0.76

Navigation                                   1.61                                                         0.46 (another wow!)

Electronics systems                   0.78                                                       0.43

Missiles                                        2.11                                                        0.31 (WOW!)

Production                                  0.30                                                       0.30 (had an alt for 6 months doing this)

Trade                                            0.21                                                        0.19

Rigging                                         0.53                                                       0.18 (nice)

Targeting                                      0.58                                                      0.18 (nice)

Resource processing                  0.89                                                      0.14 (thank you salvage L5)

Neural enhancement                 0.16                                                       0.14 (newly available inphomorph skills)

Science                                          0.59                                                      0.06

Social                                             0.04                                                      0.03

Scanning                                       0.45                                                      0.01 (got to find those wormholes)

Leadership                                   0.05 mil                                               0.00

Subsystems                                  0.007                                                   0.0000

And I still have no skills in planet management, and corporate management


And here is how those skills are spread:

Now                                    11 months ago

188 total skills                    153 total skills

Level 5 – 36                         16

(another one currently training)

Level 4 – 68                         41

Level 3 – 60                         58

Level 2 – 17                         30

Level 1 – 7                           8


Last September I showed my progress toward the Brave Newbie DPS plan as having 180 days left to complete. I am now at 118 days left to complete that plan. However, as I said, new corp, new plans. That Brave DPS plan was designed for POCO bashing. The Diamond Command plans are designed for flying doctrine PvP cruisers well, not just maximizing DPS, but hopefully maximizing survival. This also included a lot of Logi training. Logi is pretty boring, but much appreciated.


Since my last post, I got my Nemesis I had been wanting. I used it a bunch for about a week and realized the way I had it fit was pointless for anything but blobbing battleships. So I still have that nemesis, it has been near death many times. But I never use it anymore. Since it sounds like Diamond Command will be giving Faction Warfare a try, I may try to use it some more. However, the fit will have to be changed drastically.


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