Puppies are coming

Our babies are of age. And while we were planning on waiting one more cycle before letting it happen, Odie had other ideas. So…

Our sweet little man

Our sweet little man


Heidi Bug

Heidi Bug

Are going to be having a bunch of these:

Odie Week 2 Odie Week 5 Heidi 9 weeks-1 Heidi 9 weeks-1-2 Odie Week 1 Heidi (1 of 1)

Now for the stats:

Heidi is a AKC papered Great Dane. She is 32″ tall and weighs about 115 lbs (before puppy weight). As you can see, she is a reverse brindle (dark brindle). She plays hard and cuddles hard.

Odie is 75% Great Dane and 25% pitbull. His mom was 50/50, and his dad is a papered Great Dane. He got his color (blue) from his mom. She had a bunch of fawn (like their dad) babies and only a couple blue ones. He is about the same height as Heidi, maybe an inch or so shorter. He is very lean and muscular, but still only weighs in about 110 lbs. He’s the emotional protector, and of course always looking to play. When not bugging Heidi to play with him, he can be found laying up-side-down with his tail wagging. He is a big sweet goofball.

Puppies should be here around the 24th of October. And ready to go to their new homes right around Christmas time. Talk about an awesome gift. However, please don’t be that guy that gets a puppy when your significant other has no idea about it and turns out to not want it. That would break the hearts of the sweet pups. Also, both mom and dad have been checked by vets on a regular basis. They both have good hips and no health issues.

And for more doggy enjoyment, here is a few random pictures of them for you:

Just chillin

Just chillin

Like I said, he's the goofball

Like I said, he’s the goofball

Love to play

Love to play

Lovin on each other

Lovin on each other

Did I mention he's a goofball?

Did I mention he’s a goofball?


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