My new-found love for the Incursus

There I was, scrolling through some of my old blog posts, when I saw a picture I posted of my Incursus. Well, not my Incursus specifically, but an Incursus. The caption I assigned to the photo is: “The Incursus. My disposable, nearly useless ship.” Yet when I saw the picture, I felt the warm fuzzies of happy times. Why you ask? I’ll tell you. After all, that’s what a blog is for.

Almost a week ago, on Sunday afternoon, I went on a roam with the fine folks from  Agony Unleashed. There was about 70 of us in fleet at the beginning, and I think about 50 or so by the end. This was to be kind of a training roam to go with our fleet training class we had with them on Saturday, so we were supposed to bring frigates. I chose the Incursus as that is what I am best trained for. I assumed we were all going to die glorious deaths, as that is the Brave Newbie way. And since we were going to have a decent swarm, I decided to fit the ship on the cheap. So My final fit Incursus came to about $3 Million (Barleguet prices). I hopped into my jump clone and loaded up my worthless Incursus.

Here is a video someone posted of what happened. This video of course is not specific to me, but this is our roam. At least the first hour of it. We ended up going back out after this video for more fun.

As it was a couple hours long and had tons of action, I will not break it down blow-by-blow. But here is my killboard for the event (all items from September 8th)  I no longer feel my Incursus is mostly worthless. In fact, I love it. I survived 9 bombs and a few hits from baddies. At one point I had a battle cruiser locked onto me that actually landed a hit. Ouch, that hurt. But I lived. At the end of the roam my shield had been destroyed, my armor destroyed, I had 31% hull left, and I was bellowing out smoke as I trucked it home. Before class I named her “Class” as I figured she would not make it home alive. After class, I renamed her “Catwoman” which was actually a suggestion of someone else in fleet, representing her surviving 9 bombs, when most frigs in the fleet were blowing up after 2-4 bombs.

And here she is again. I wish you could customize the look in the game so I could make her uniquely mine. In fact, if I could suggest anything to CCP games to add in the game, it would be a painting program ala Forza or something similar.

Not Useless at all

Not Useless at all


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