Libraries have changed so much

Every time I visit the library I remember why I don’t visit libraries. They just are not the same as when I was a kid…

I walk in with the girlfriend and her two kids to get a book for her daughter to read for school. There is probably 20 computers or so in the building (this is just a small branch library). 2 of the computers are for looking up books and signing up for library cards. The rest are all occupied by people of all ages watching YouTube or playing Minecraft. After waiting in line for 5 minutes or so to use the computer for looking up the book we want, what I find is even more infuriating than the fact I had to wait that long to use the stupid computer. The book has 4 variants listed. The first has 0 copies in circulation. The next has 4 copies, all of which are either checked out or damaged at other libraries. The third variant has 0 copies in circulation. The fourth variant has 7 copies, 2 of which are at this branch. Not one is checked out or damaged. The catch is, this variant is Spanish. Here is a book written by a guy born in California and raised in Montana and the only copies of his book are in Spanish. Isn’t one of the purposes of the library to aid Spanish speaking people in learning English? And why is there more copies in Spanish than in the native language of the author and the country the author is from and the country the book was published in? And the state in which the library is located? And not one copy is checked out. Yet every copy of the English variants is gone. Why does my tax money go to buying books in foreign languages at all? I could see it going toward books that teach someone how to speak other languages, but there is no reason whatsoever for foreign language books to exist in a government run library in a state with a law establishing an official language of English.

And this was not my only complaint about the library. It just happened to be the one that makes me the most angry as it is my money being wasted. I figured since we couldn’t get the book we wanted, maybe we could get the movie that was based on the book. I walk into that isle to be hit with a wall of stench that made me yell at people. This big fat white guy with greasy hair and an oxygen tank smelled like he hadn’t bathed in several weeks. In fact it wasn’t just him. The whole building smelled the way I imagine a homeless shelter would. Like 50 people in a confined space had not bathed in a week and proceeded to fart in unison. So of course this made me look around and take in my surroundings in more detail. Everyone here was poor. Here we are dressed like upper-middle class as both of us just got off work. And I may as well have been wearing a tuxedo compared to the way every person in there was dressed. And there was probably twice as many families as cars in the parking lot. Which means they were likely the bus riding type. Gross… Now keep in mind, riding buses is OK in some places due to traffic and other convenience issues. But here, it just means you are too poor to afford a car and, based on the smell in there, running water as well.

This is pretty much everyone in the library at a computer

This is pretty much everyone in the library at a computer. Not sure whose picture this is, but it is perfect.

At this point I was just fuming. Why don’t these people spend their time looking for a job instead of watching music videos on YouTube or playing Minecraft. Maybe they could afford to shower. Or clothe themselves. Or drive somewhere, like to a job. At the same time, witnessing their mindless contentment, I realized they are perfectly happy being sub-human. They will all continue to collect welfare and spend the day at the library never bettering themselves. And I will be perfectly happy to never go to the library again as I prefer being lice free and having the proper number of chromosomes. I just wish it wasn’t my money giving them a place to congregate and share their filth. And I find it very sad that a library used to be a place to take kids to expand their minds, teach them things they otherwise would not have experienced. Now, it is the place to take them to show them examples of why they need to read (books not from a library) and do well in school.


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