King of Hammers

Cleaning off my desktop, I came across some old pictures that I took at a race at Miller Motorsports last year. Normally I would just write-off the pictures since they are from an old event. But this event was cool enough that I want to put them out there.

Crossing the finish

Crossing the finish

The event was the 2012 Ultra4 Pro Series American Rock Sports Challenge. I believe it is part of the King of Hammers events. This event was very cool. It happens on the same track as the Lucas Oil Off Road Race series, with the exception that it bypasses part of the track in order to send the trucks over a 6 acre rock climbing course. So every lap the trucks race around a track with jumps then try to find the fastest path through a rock crawling course.

On the rock crawling course

On the rock crawling course

Unfortunately, from where I was sitting I was unable to get any good pictures of the rock crawling portion.

ARC at MMP (1 of 1)-2ARC at MMP (1 of 1)-3ARC at MMP (1 of 1)-4ARC at MMP (1 of 1)-5ARC at MMP (1 of 1)-8ARC at MMP (1 of 1)-9ARC at MMP (1 of 1)-10ARC at MMP (1 of 1)-11ARC at MMP (1 of 1)-12

Another thing that makes this event unique is the vehicles. Some appear to be regular, every day Jeeps with some heavy modification. Granted, they are most likely much more than that. But it is still cool when a race series can give the perception of attainability for the normal guy.

And of course I have to include a picture of one of the many Land Cruisers that are restored right there in the garages at Miller Motorsports. OK, after finding the link to the company that was doing them, I found out they are no longer making them.

Land Cruiser at Miller

Land Cruiser at Miller




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