My Eve Online experience so far

At this point, I have been playing for a few months. Enough to get me up to about 7 million skill points if that clears anything up for you. I have seen many of the memes, browsed many of the blogs, and followed the advice of many. Still, I feel a bit lost. But I have had fun most of the time. As I mentioned in a previous post, my in-game name is Spectre Imperium in case you feel like saying hi, putting a bounty on my head, or trying to scam me, or whatever other nefarious activity you have planned.

Me, in all my glory

Me, in all my glory

Like most people, I started a new character and did the training missions. I have since then found out that most people do one or two of the career training paths. I did them all. I wanted to try everything. That way I could see why people choose one path over another. I actually enjoyed all of them. Well, maybe not the probing one. I admire people that can probe well. I sure can’t. And mining, while a bit tedious and dull, is for me a necessary evil. And it can be a decent time waster while I am doing homework or some other real-life task.

So I started out as Gallente. Knowing what I know now, I would likely have chosen a different race. Gallente are a bit too reliant upon drones for killing other ships. And while drones offer some nice help, I have always liked playing the brawler character in games. Not to say that the Gallente can’t brawl. Far from it. They just seem more limited on their choices for brawling machines than say the Caldari.


PvP is nearly pointless for a character less than 6 months old. And from my experience it seems maybe even longer. Now you can fleet up and have some fun in a group. But solo, you will get worked every time. So my first couple months I spent doing NPC security missions. I tried some hauler missions and some mining missions and such, but Security seemed to be where all the action was. I got to the point I was doing level 4 missions. Most of the time solo. I would have to bail out mid-mission a few times to repair and buy more drones. But I finished the missions. Sometimes I would get a friend to help out. This made the missions pretty easy and I was starting to feel like a bad-ass. So I joined a player corp that was involved in FW. FW stands for Faction Warfare. This is basically joining a military in the big war between the 4 factions. My corp fought for the Minmitar which are allied with the Gallente.


Wow. My character is way too new for this. First off, as a FW participant, you live in what is called “Low-Sec” or Low Security. In low security, anyone can shoot you without much repercussion. Sure, gate guns will shoot at you if you attack someone you aren’t supposed to. But away from gates, you are free to kill or die. Therefore, everyone you come across is to be considered an enemy unless they are a member of the same military. And it seems everyone there has years of experience under their belt. Also, as a member of the military, anyone fighting for the other side is free to shoot you. Even when close to gates. And not only are they free to shoot you, they are usually actively hunting your people.


At this point I had spent a couple months in high-sec doing missions and felt almost indestructible. Well, when I joined this FW corp, it turns out I was DEEP in enemy territory prior to joining. Even though I was in high-sec I was an enemy of the state and therefore open game. Talk about stress. I was trying to relocate 22 jumps away, 16 or so of those through enemy territory. Well it was at this point I lost my first ship, other than the one a training mission requires you to lose. Not only did I lose my first ship, I lost my favorite battle cruiser, the Brutix, that I had been dominating missions in. Then I lost my Iteron full of all my goodies. I lost both of them to gate camps. One I lost because I went AFK for a second. The other I lost because it was just too slow and outnumbered. I ended up losing about $180 million, which at this point seemed like a fortune to me. Plus I lost another $100 million when I got podded during the whole ordeal. Podded is basically when your escape pod is destroyed. You lose whatever brain implants you have purchased to make training faster. This was my first time being podded. My heart raced, I was pissed. At the same time I was stoked because I felt like this meant the game was finally afoot. “OK, you want it that way? I’m gonna fuck you up.” I soon realized that the thought was nice, but no, I was not going to be fucking up anyone any time soon.

My Brutix. She was a Brute, and she served me well.

My Brutix. She was a Brute, and she served me well.

My Iteron. What an ugly, slow, weak POS. But she sure had room for junk in her trunk.

My Iteron. What an ugly, slow, weak POS. But she sure had room for junk in her trunk.

I got hosed by a little frigate. So I decided to put one together built specifically for PvP. I spared no expense, which didn’t hurt badly since my skills were too low for almost anything tech II. I had heard of some people loving PvP in a ship called the Incursus. So that is what I built. This time, I am the aggressor, therefore I have the advantage, and I will score a kill. Yeah. Nope. First gate I jump through I get dog-piled by like 6 little bitch frigates. I can’t move, every shot I fire misses. It seems their hits are doing more damage than mine were when in missions with my much bigger more powerful ship. WTF is going on? Ship goes boom. Pod goes boom. Here I am again rebuilding. OK, those little frigates seemed to pack a punch. Why did they seem so strong? How can my ship that is the same class be so out gunned? After looking into it a bit more, I find that with my stupid low skills, I am doing half the DPS (damage per second) that I would with the same fit with all skills maxed out. And that’s not even counting the added damage I could be doing with the better fit the maxed out skills would allow me. What the hell? What am I supposed to do? I can’t compete with this crap.

The Incursus. My disposable, nearly useless ship.

The Incursus. My disposable, nearly useless ship.

I talk to others in my corp. Turns out, solo is almost always suicide. They happen to have a fleet going out soon to clear out some plexers. OK, sounds fun. I am told to build up a frigate. So I do. I am ready. We fly around as a group finding smaller groups of bad guys to kill. I have a ton of fun. And it turns out I wasn’t even listed on a single kill-mail because I didn’t deliver any damage. So essentially I was flying around accomplishing nothing. I sure felt like I was doing some good at the time. Oh well, I will keep trying. I will eventually figure it out.

Well, after 3 weeks of so of having my ships blown up, I decide FW just isn’t for me yet. I only had one almost successful PvP experience. I jumped a guy plexing. I had him webbed and scrammed, I was pounding on him. Got him down to almost dead then all of a sudden a message popped up saying the target was invincible and he was no longer anywhere to be seen. Still now, months later, I have no clue what happened. So then, I leave the corp and go back to high-sec with my tail between my legs. I am still constantly paranoid that I am being hunted. Everywhere I go I expect a fight. FW messed with my head. It took quite a while to calm down and get to a normal level of paranoia. I finally get there and neutral people all around me start getting killed. Right here in high sec. WTF is going on? Ah, suicide ganking I find out is what it is called. Why did I not see any of this until now? Now I am super paranoid again, even though in high-sec since leaving FW, I have yet to be targeted. So again, I start to calm down.

At this point I came across a blog where the guy writes about how he got rich in the first 30 days of playing Eve Online. You can find it here I have a little over $500 million. I figure I have a nice nest egg to start with so getting really rich should be cake. I fly my pod to Jita. Pick 3 high profit items that I know most PvP guys require every time they lose a ship. I buy a new Iteron Mark V which is the shipping barge of choice since the latest game update. And I pack it with about $350 million worth of goods. I stick to a high-sec route to avoid gate camps. I make my last jump home into Rens. The scanner looks clear. I tell my ship to dock at Rens. Before I even come all the way out of cloak, my ship is blown up and my pod is warping toward the base. I see a message from the game saying the Concord (NPC police) is going to kill him. That does little to console me. I just lost almost my entire nest egg. I was stupid. I tried following the advice of that marketforisk guy, but tried to do it better. I failed miserably. I put my Megathron up for sale back near Jita where it was still based as I was afraid to touch it anymore as it is a big juicy target. It sold in under a day. Guess I should have asked for more money. Oh well. At this point I just need some money. Guess I will go back to doing missions and salvaging them. After about an hour of this, I start getting the itch. I need PvP. But FW was just too stressful. I can’t imagine the stress of null-sec.

Prior to this I had applied to a new corp that is a huge one with a big long admission process. But they are centered on teaching people how to be awesome. A few days after submitting my application, I finally got my in-game mail telling me to join their rush queue. I joined that as soon as I got home from work. After a couple hours I gave up waiting for my name to be called. I tried again the next night. Same result; A couple hours of sitting there accomplishing nothing. Meanwhile I am just running level 3 missions in my Vexor. The Vexor is a ship I had not tried until recently, and I am finding I really enjoy it. Provided I can keep it a decent distance away from the enemy. It has big drone bonuses and a ton of space for them. However, it does not have very thick skin. Even on simple NPC missions, once I have moved in too close to the bigger ships, it doesn’t take long to lose a ship. Hopefully by the time I spend a few weeks with this new corp, provided I ever actually get in, I can at least attempt to solo PvP. Losing ships doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s losing expensive cargo and implants. But hey, some day I may be able to be the cause of stress rather than the receiver of it.

Holy crap, another super long rambling post. I need to update more often so I can avoid these uncomfortable situations 🙂 There is more to come. I am sure. Happy hunting…


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