Weds Sport SA-15R 18×9.5 on GR Sedan Subaru STi

All I have done to the Subaru lately is get some new wheels for it. The wheels are Weds Sport SA-15R 18×9.5 +38 offset. The tires are 265/35-18 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11’s. I looked online soooo many times for pictures of these wheels on a Subaru but never found them prior to getting mine. So for those of you wondering what they look like. Here it is:

Weds Sport SA-15R 18x9.5 +38 on GR Sedan

Weds Sport SA-15R
18×9.5 +38 on GR Sedan

And here is what the offset looks like. Both of these pictures are on totally stock suspension with stock alignment settings.

Weds Sport SA-15R front view

Weds Sport SA-15R front view

The offset is a bit too aggressive for stock suspension and alignment. And the rear definitely requires a lot of roll. I have not done anything to remedy these issues yet, so the wheels are pulled back off the car waiting for me to take care of business.

Impressions of the wheels:

Finish on them is top notch. They are super light. Like 19.5 lbs or so. Like pounds per corner lighter than stock even though they are 1″ wider than stock. They have a TON of clearance to the STi caliper in this offset, so no worries there. And finally, they are much darker than I expected. All of Weds’ pictures online must have had a bunch of lighting on the bronze part. In person, the bronze is very difficult to see at all. It just looks like a machined surface with a clear coat over it that has a whole bunch of smoke in it.



4 responses to “Weds Sport SA-15R 18×9.5 on GR Sedan Subaru STi

  1. Hello, I am thinking to put this set of wheels on my new IS250. Do you mind post or email me more photos of your rims? My car is in titanium and I was wondering it will looks good with it. Thanks!

  2. Honestly, I don’t even have them on my car yet. Lame, I know. But I have spent a lot of money on other stuff, so I decided to wait to buy coilovers which I kind of have to have for these wheels since I went so aggressive on the offset. So these wheels just sit in my garage waiting for me to not be cheap. They are a gorgeous wheel. However, they are also a lot darker than all the photos they put online of them. Unless you look close, they just look black. In Weds’ promo shots, the bronze was a lot more obvious than it is in real life. And they are not kidding on the weight. They are very light wheels.

    • Thanks for your reply! Sounds like a good deal for me to try it out.
      btw, nice ride! I used to drive WRX when I was in SF! Love it so much!

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