What happened? Where did I go?

So it has been 6 months since I posted to my blog. So much has happened in that time, yet my only excuse for not posting is laziness. I keep getting the feeling like I need to post something, and when I head over to my computer to do so, I get sidetracked. So first of all, to get this baby restarted, I will give a brief update on my life. My plan is to follow it up with more detailed updates.

#1- The puppies are both doing great. Odie is getting more and more scars from Heidi playing rough with him. But he doesn’t seem to notice or care. He loves her no matter how rough she is with him. I will post some more recent pics of both of them in the more detailed update. BTW, we are now able to let them stay out roaming the house during the day which not only makes me happy because they aren’t stuck in their kennels while I work, but also makes me feel better about the safety of the house. They are big dogs and someone would be crazy to want to mess with them.

#2- The STi is still here. And still a pretty fun car. I wish it was 500 lbs lighter. But it’s a pretty nice car. I bought some new wheels for it, and it finally got its first oil change. I will update more about the STi on its own detailed update.

#3- I finished another semester of school. They decided to throw all economics classes at me this semester. 14 credit hours worth. I was able to finish them well ahead of time to enable me to spend more time with #4.

#4- My babies are here for the summer. It’s crazy how much I missed them. They stayed with their mom during the school year because the schools in rural areas are able to teach kids a little better as they don’t spend half their resources teaching little Mexican and African kids how to speak English rather than teaching grade appropriate material. BTW, I picked o0n African and Mexican because that is what my area is spending all resources on. I am sure other areas have similar issue with other imports, but this happens to my area’s issue. Around my house, it is very tough for a student to excel. No kid left behind seems to mean no kid is allowed ahead. But once you get out of the city and into the country that changes. My boy is doing well. He is winning awards for intelligence and service. And he seems to be well ahead of the curve in math, science, and reading. And my little girl starts school next year and is so excited to do so. She definitely is more art-centric than the boy.

#5- I got the kart back together and ready to go for this season. But I have been so busy with kids and school and vacations I honestly don’t even know when I am going to be able to go out and use it. I was dealing with a weird issue last year that would never let it rev as high as it should have. And while still fast, it was frustrating. Well, over the winter, I found the issue and fixed it. So the kart should be a whole new animal this year. As the issue was something that not only affected the revving, but was most likely affecting a whole lot more in the way it runs.

#6- The S13 I bought back turned out to be a lot of work to fix up, and it is almost done. I guess it deserves its own detailed update. Can’t wait to get that thing on the road again. And it is oh so close.

#7- Fishing, I haven’t done it for decades. But together, the kids and I are going to figure it out again. For me, it is reliving my youth days of fishing with my grandpa; the one my boy is named after. For the kids, it is just outside fun with dad. And they can never get enough of that.

#8- The camp chef. I got Cara a Camp Chef with (3) 15,0000 BTU burners. We have yet to take it camping, but have used it a ton at the house. The griddle is amazing. It makes by far the best breakfast that can be had in this world. It will see a bunch of use this summer as well. The only reason this item gets its own number is because it makes food SOOOOOO yummy.

#9- Still playing racquetball at least twice a week, sometimes more. Still mostly winning. Still not to the point I feel comfortable taking on the best guys at the gym, but probably good enough now I could hold my own if I could get past my intimidation of the situation. Funny I would suffer from that as I am usually the one doing the intimidating.

#10- Eve Online. I played this when it first came out like 10 years ago. I played through the 1 week trial or whatever it was back then. At the time I didn’t make enough money to play games I had to pay for monthly unless they meant a lot to me. And not many people played back then, so it was hard to find people you cared to talk to. And PvP action was actually not that common. But it has had a decade to evolve. And evolve it has. Wow, it is a totally different game. So many people, so much action, politics, commerce, and options. And there is such a huge online metaverse for it. There are a ton of blogs and reference sites and applications for the game now. It is truly an amazing thing. So I have stuck with it for about 4 months now. And I will likely continue with it. My level of participation may vary from time to time. But it is a good time waster when not busy with life. If I only have an hour, I can go run a couple NPC missions then salvage all the loot. If I have a bit more time than that I can join a fleet (although I am currently between corps right now) and go hunt for some PvP action. Or if I am doing school work I can just send my Retriever out mining in high sec where it is safe, even if less profitable. BTW, my in game name is Spectre Imperium, so if you feel like blabbing or putting a bounty on my head, there you go… BTW, I will likely do more detailed updates on Eve as well as there is so much to learn and I am doing my best to soak it all in. Yes, even after 4 months, I feel rather clueless. And as I said, I am currently between corps in the game, and there of course is a little bit of story to be told behind that.

#11- Biking. I have not even pulled the bike off the ceiling yet this season. Any available outside time has had the S13 being the top priority. Now that it is able to be started with its newish engine, that is no longer the case. So maybe I will at least be able to get some time in biking with my boy. Speaking of the boy, I taught him to ride without training wheels just last weekend. He was so proud of himself. And he has been riding a whole bunch now. Last time out he wrecked pretty hard. So he took a day off. Hopefully he isn’t too discouraged now.

#12- Fixing up the house. New flooring in living room and bathroom. Painted kitchen cabinets. New light fixtures in the entire basement. No longer have a friend living in the basement. Textured and painted three of the bedrooms. Began the basement living room transformation into a man cave. Mounted a TV to the wall on a full motion mount. Installed the all important pool table and dart board. Brought in a bar table. Rearranged furniture to make the room more open. Installed art spotlight lighting on one end with pool table chandelier lighting on the other end. Moved kids rooms around. Luckily Cara did most of that work. I changed lighting and mounted TV’s and shelves and such while she did texture and painting and flooring. She definitely had the hard part of that mess. We also mounted nice IKEA wall mount desks in the kid’s rooms for doing homework on.

#13- Sorry for slacking for so long. As you can see, it has been a full six months. But my only excuse is laziness. I recently saw a quote graphic type thing that reminded me of why I post on here. And reminded me that just because I am so busy with so many things, it doesn’t mean it is OK to be lazy at other things, especially things that make me happy or reduce my stress. In the end, I enjoy writing on here. Not just because of the 100 or so people that visit every day. But because I enjoy it. It’s a release for me, much the way driving or playing racquetball or designing things is. I like knowing that over 14,000 people have enjoyed my pictures enough to at least click on them to see them in full size. I like knowing that I sent over 100 people to a guy’s business that makes triggers for my pellet gun. I’m sure he likes that even more than I do. And that makes it all that much better. I like knowing I have sent nearly that many people to a friend’s business website. All just by sharing my thoughts on things that happen in my life. It’s nice knowing I have even just a small influence on the world that I have no direct contact with. And it was kind of irking me that my visitor count is less than half of what it was at one point and that is 100% my own fault for not posting more often. BTW, here is a link to that quote http://maxcdn.zenpencils.com/comics/2013-06-11-johngreen.jpg


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