Hella Supertone Horns installed on my 2013 STi

It may seem like a silly mod to be my first mod to my new car (other than tint), but the stock Subaru horn is just soooo bad. The stock horn is rated at 97db. It is so pathetic, there was a few times I wanted to honk at someone, but chose not to because I knew they would just laugh at me. So, I bought the Hella Supertone horns, a wiring harness, and the mounting bracket from subimods.com. The Hella horns are rated at 118db. So 21db more than the stock horns. That’s huge!

I like how it looks like a pissed off Decepticon in this picture.

The reason I went for the wiring harness is because I read that less power gets to the horns when you use the factory wiring harness. And I needed those bad boys to be as loud as possible. The reason I went for the mounting bracket, even though it seems a bit over-priced as I know I had similar things made while at COBB for about 1/4 of what they sell these for, is because I wanted the horns to be perfectly centered. I think it turned out very nice.

The horns: They look great, sound great, mount simply, aren’t super heavy, appear plenty robust. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting an upgrade.

The harness: When I first pulled it out, I couldn’t believe how long it was. It seemed like a big overkill. Well, after installing it, I was happy to have the length. The extra length made it easy to zip tie out of the way and hide things and make it nice and neat. The quality seems good, it has a 5 post relay which is supposedly the best choice. My only complaint would be the rings that connect to the battery seem like they have a much larger inside diameter than what is necessary. When you lock the car and make the horn honk, it is not much louder than stock. But when you actually press on the horn inside the car, damn, that thing is loud. Which I am attributing to the harness.

The bracket: It has a hole in the middle for mounting, and the 2 holes for the horns. The holes are obviously cut with a laser (run by a user that is not so knowledgeable in laser cutting) as they look a bit sloppy. The top edge (maybe bottom edge) is bent over for stiffness, which I am sure helps a little bit, but in the center where the bracket is its thinnest, there is no lip to keep that section stiff. So as you tighten the one mounting bolt, the bracket smashed down in the middle and bends the ends outward. This is easily fixed by bending it back by hand. But that doesn’t give me a lot of faith in its strength being that easy to manipulate. If it were me designing it, I would have made it from thicker material, or at least a higher quality material, and to keep weight down but stiffness up, I would do some fancy cutouts. The thing is laser cut anyway, might as well have some fun with it. The cost would be essentially the same, but then you can have a company logo in it or something.

Anyway, here is my favorite picture I took of the horn. And really it’s more a picture of the STi logo:

STi logo with Hella Supertone horn in the background


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