Odie Project 52 week too high :(

Yes, it has been over a month since I updated. Much has been happening, and unfortunately, I keep forgetting to have my camera with me.

Odie my sweet Great Dane mix is sweeter than ever. He is up to 48 weeks old. He is right under 100 lbs still. Poor guy still has all his ribs showing. Seems like no matter how much we feed him, he doesn’t fill out. I guess he has time. Both puppies have been to the vet and were given high praise for health (even with a recurrence of Giardia). Heidi is a plumper. She is only 18 weeks now, but up to about 30 lbs. We have been taking them to the dog park again. We held off for a while while Heidi was still young and without shots.

Here they are at Tanner Park:

I think Odie likes his backpack

Hurry up Heidi



2 responses to “Odie Project 52 week too high :(

  1. My previous Great Dane foster Niles, was skinny too. He was 14 months and 98 lbs, but you could always see his ribs. The vet said he was at a good weight though, didn’t want him packing on the pounds. I guess it seemed unusual to see him so skinny because my Dane is quite the chunk… any who what I am trying to say is seeing a little rib is not always a bad thing as long as he is getting the proper nutrition.

    • Yeah, he is happy and healthy. Doing awesome. He is loving the snow we have right now. Need to get some good pics of him playing in it for the next post.

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