Odie project 52 week 35 with more Heidi

Odie is now 41 weeks old. He is up to 94 lbs. So not much change there. Heidi is a different story. She is up to 19.5 lbs. So in 2 weeks she has gone from 12.8 lbs to 19.5 lbs. She is 11 weeks old. Our little Heidi had the runs for longer than I thought made sense. So I took her to the vet last week. He did a stool sample and found she had a couple bad butt bugs. Giardia was one, I don’t remember the other. And I guess she had none of the good butt bugs they like to see. So she got some shots and he sent us home with some meds for her. I swear after just 1 dose of the meds she was acting happier. It was great to see. She was still cuddly, but now much more playful when not cuddling. She has now gone all the way through one of her meds. And only has 2 more days of the other one. She is already doing great on house training. Little camel makes quite a large puddle when she forgets what to do.

I got a new lens for the camera I have been playing with. Nothing fancy, just another kit lens. Stupid Nikon on their “consumer level” DSLR’s kind of screw the customer over. The lens selection for them is very weak and expensive. Kind of funny that if I had the high end DSLR I could get used lenses that are awesome for as low as $50. Yet because mine is an entry level type DSLR, I get to spend $150 on used crap lenses. And it seems not many companies make high end lenses at all for this camera. If I would have known this going in, I would have gone with a Canon. Oh well. I still love my camera way more than anything else I have ever had. I just find my self wanting more. Like always.

Enough bitching, back to the puppies. These two love to play. They seem to love each other so much. It’s pretty cool to watch. Now on to the pictures…

Heidi Hiding

Play fights are the best fights

I love the way they are looking at each other

Odie is such a big goofball

Heidi watching Odie play






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