We have an announcement.

We have been leaving Odie out while at work. He has been doing well, but not great. And when I get home he always acts like he did something wrong. Even when he didn’t. I think he is getting bored or lonely. So I got reading about dogs in pairs and it appears Great Danes do very well in pairs. It sounded like most breeds do better with playmates. But Danes seemed to be one of them that respond exceptionally well to it. So after a couple weeks of searching and visiting multiple litters, we found one we liked. She is a full Great Dane, not a mix like Odie. She is super sweet, and  only 9 weeks old. She weighs 12.8 lbs. Her mom is a very pretty light brindle and her dad is a large dark brindle. She gets her coloring from her dad. She was born on Sunday July 1st. She is AKC registered. A couple of her litter-mates were a cool blue brindle. But she is the one we liked even though we prefer the blue color. She just seemed like the sweetest of the bunch.

So, without further delay: World, meet Heidi…

Heidi at 9 weeks old. Her first night at home.

Heidi at 9 weeks old. First night at home.

BTW, Heidi got her name because so far, her entire existence at our house has been either sleeping or hiding from Odie. He loves her and is so curious about her. But he is a big clumsy puppy still and that tail has caught her across the face, so she tries to stay clear of it. Odie allows her to eat from his dish, sleep in his kennel, and love on his owners without ever acting poorly. He’s so sweet. I can’t wait until she is big enough for us to leave them both out all day.


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