Odie project 52 week 33

Odie turned 39 weeks old Monday. He is up to 29″ tall and weighs 92 lbs.

Tuesday, Odie graduated from obedience school. He passed all the tests for the good canine citizen certificate. However, since he is not a purebred AKC registered dog, he doesn’t get the real certificate. That’s OK, we know he earned it. And it was tough for him. It involved a lot of sitting around waiting for other puppies to take their turns. And he gets nervous sitting for too long. So I had to pace around with him a bit before his tests. But he passed them all on the first try. He’s such a great puppy. And so gorgeous.

And here is a few pictures from his class last week.

Me and Odie at obedience class

Oh Odie… That tongue!

BTW, our class was a group class given by Western States K-9 College. I enjoyed the class and I think Odie did too. I am considering the more advanced class, but kind of want to wait until he outgrows some of his puppy…


3 responses to “Odie project 52 week 33

  1. Wow, he sure is a beautiful dog, and congrats to both of you on passing the test! I’m hoping to get my dog Trudeau certified as well (though I had no idea it had anything to do with being a purebred, I am so uneducated :D). We’ve got a lot of work to do though as he’s a bit dog aggressive. 😦 I’m working on it but it’s a sloooow work in progress. 😀 I did a very basic training class with him when I first got him and he did great around the other dogs as long as I had hotdogs, but I just can’t ever trust him not to be a giant tool.

    By the way, I just surfed in from reading the photography tag on WP but I also happen to live in Salt Lake and have been looking around for a trainer to help me with my dog. I hadn’t even heard of Western States K-9 College; how did you like working with them?

    • They were very good to work with. Super nice and gave a lot of helpful hints on any issues any of the dogs had. We did not do our homework as much as we should have and Odie started out doing very good. But we still saw pretty good improvements. And any time you have a specific issue they are happy to help you out. It’s a group session but they kind of work with your specific issues as well. And they were priced well below private sessions I found. And I read reviews and people seemed to like them much more than some of the other group session places.

      • That’s awesome, thanks! I looked at their private coaching fees last night and yeah, way out of my price range, but I think the CGC prep course might be doable. Since what my dog needs is exposure to other dogs it would probably be more helpful than private sessions anyway. 😀 I looked at the CGC test requirements and he could probably do most of that already but I could definitely use the help with the greeting other dogs thing. ;D

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