Selling my 2006 Mazdaspeed6

Time to move up to a new car. This one is amazing with low miles and I love it. I am just weird and need to have new things. I have invested a bunch in this one and someone else can enjoy it for me. Since I have already ordered my new car, this one must go.

2006 Mazdaspeed6 for sale

Mod list:
Cobb AccessPort ($595)

Cobb AccessPort

Cobb Turbo inlet hose ($180)
Cobb SF Intake ($195)

Cobb intake and TIH

Cobb shift knob ($70)

Shift knob

BC Racing coilovers ($1100 +6 hours of labor for a shop to install)

BC Racing BR Coilovers

Stoptech brake pads front and rear replaced maybe 4K miles ago ($125)
TSW Nurburgring wheels ($1025)
Brand new Continental Extreme contact tires ($700)
Total invested (not counting maintenance type stuff) = almost $4,000
I just had it aligned July 5th when I bought the tires.
Tires do not rub, fenders have not been rolled. I have the ride height set fairly low, but it does not bottom out unless I have 4 people in it. Even then, it doesn’t rub.

Barely reached 60,000 miles this weekend. The car has been in a garage the entire time I have owned it.

I am asking $16,000 for it.

For those that don’t know, standard features on the Mazdaspeed6:

Bose 6 Disc in-dash cd changer with subwoofer
HID Headlights
fog lights
2.3L Turbo 4 cylinder direct injected engine
Cruise control
6 speed
Power windows (auto up and down on all 4)

Stock the car has 274 HP
This one has about 320-330 HP
All maintenance was done at the dealership

MazdaSpeed6 for sale

Cobb intake again

BC Racing Damping Adjuster


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