Odie project 52 week 30

I have been terrible about my project 52 thing. In my last post, Odie was 33 weeks old, 28″ tall, 82 lbs.

I have a few posts coming today to update his status. In these pictures, he was 36 weeks old, about 28.5″ tall, and 88 lbs. I have a few to make up for lost time.

BTW, Odie has been going to obedience class. He was already such a good puppy, but slacking on a few small things. He has gone 5 weeks now. He does pretty well, and I will have some pictures from class 2 days ago for more recent update.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our hike up to Dog Lake. It was about a 6.5 mile total hike. At the top is a lake called Dog Lake. It was rather disappointing as the entire hike is very pretty, then at the top the lake is brown water, no shade, and big gravel beaches. I recommend the hike. But if you decide to turn around before you hit the lake, no loss.

On the way to Dog Lake

Odie made some friends on the way up the mountain

Love the snooty look on the white dog’s face

Shaking off, getting ready to go back down the hill





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