Karting last weekend

OK, last weekend, things went poorly.

There was a test and tune Sunday. Very few people showed up so they did 3 run groups. 1 was all adult karts, 1 was kid karts, 1 was motard bikes. So we all got a ton of seat time. However, my kart started the day with issues that were not resolved all day.

11,800 RPM is where a noise started and all power was lost. I was hitting that RPM before I got to the finish line and in the next 100 feet or more was only gaining another 100 RPM before turn 1. I was also hitting that RPM before the sweeper on the back side. So I figured maybe the main jet was too small and it was leaning out. I changed back to the 160 jet that it was running rich on before. Went out for the next session, same problem. Exact same. The jet made no difference at all. OK, that’s odd. So I changed the spark plug thinking maybe that was the problem since it ran so rich for a while. Same problem, but at 11,400 RPM. OK, a new plug made things worse??? How does that happen? BTW, I was also getting some fuel starvation on one turn pretty bad the whole time. At least that’s what it felt like.

So I decided to call it a day before I broke something. In all, I ran 4 partial sessions. When I was in the pits, I started it up, and noticed the fuel pump was leaking pretty bad. And it looked like it was leaking out the side of the housing. So when I got home, I ordered the jet I think I need, new matting for the muffler, a new fuel pump, and a carb seal kit. I went back out to the track this week and installed the jet, matting, and pump. Once primed, the thing started up much easier than before, and seems to rev more happily. I did not run it much at all since I had the radiator off for some minor repair, but it seems to idle and rev better. So I am optimistic.

One thing I noticed too, was the fuel line always had big air bubbles in it. I thought nothing of it, thinking it was because it’s a low flow carb fuel pump. However, with the new pump, there is no air in any lines so again, I am taking that as a good sign. BTW, after the third session I noticed the airbox bracket was broken and all that was holding it together was the fuel pump. Hmmm, wonder if that is what finally put an end to the pump?

I am actually going to look at a new kart today. I bo0ught this one because the price was right and I was anxious to try out karting. Now I know I love it, and I want to get even more into it. So given the fact that to race this kart I would have to dump another $700 into it just to make it legal to race, and even then I would have a 8 year old chassis, I am going to look at this other one. It is an Arrow Kart. I believe it is the X1-E.

Arrow X1-E

The kart I am looking at today hopefully is a good price. I was told it “should be about” a certain price. But then when the owner was finally contacted, the price became “just come check it out and we can work that out.” But this particular kart is currently owned by some guy with a lot more money than myself. He bought it and a Porsche to race. Turns out he likes racing his Porsche more and never races his kart. He bought it brand new, Drove it for 1/2 day at a test and tune to break in the engine. And it has been sitting ever since. So if I can get it for a decent price, it sounds like a crazy good kart to pick up. Oh, and it already has the fat guy seat in it, so I won’t need to do all that crap I had to do to mine. So, if I pick it up, my current Tony kart will be going on the market. Most likely for about $3,500. I am in it almost that, so there will be some wriggle room.


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