Odie Project 52 Week 15

Odie is now 21 weeks old. Well he will be tomorrow.He’s up to 57.2 lbs. He is falling off a bit on the Great Dane growth chart on weight, and he has always been on the low side on height. But he is still a pretty good size puppy.

We took him to a new dog park (new to us anyway) this weekend. He liked playing with all the dogs as usual. But he really fell in love with this 8 month old Pitbull named Ashley. It was adorable. She is the same color as Odie, but a few inches shorter even thought she is almost twice his age. But those two frolicked all over the place. On the trail, in the fields, Ashley even talked Odie into going in the river a couple times. Odie wouldn’t go in as far as her, but it’s the best he has done so far.

Here is a shot of Odie and Ashley along the trail:

And here he is playing in the river. Still very apprehensive about the situation:


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