Odie Project 52 Week 8

Weekly update: Odie is 14 weeks old today. He weighs 34.4 lbs. I did not measure his height, but it has not appeared to change much.

Today I have 2 pictures of little Odie. Here is the Project 52 shot of him:

He really likes my Ikea gaming chair. But as you can see, he is a bit big for it.

Now for the main update on this little guy. I made an appointment at the vet last week for shots and a general inspection. Soonest they could get him in was Saturday. Around Thursday or so, we started to notice some bald spots developing on his forehead. At the vet, he got his shots, including the rabies shot, and I asked the vet about the bald spots. He scraped them and looked at them under the microscope. Turns out Odie has Demodex Mites. The vet gave me some Goodwinol creme to put on the spots to kill the mites and said if it gets worse we need to switch to an oral medication. He did not have the oral stuff in stock, so we are trying the creme. Well, now just 2 days later, he has probably 12 bald spots starting to develop. And the first 2 are looking worse than ever. This morning they were swollen with clear liquid oozing from them. He seems happy as ever, but is looking pretty bad. The vet said they should have the oral stuff in this afternoon. Poor guy. I feel so bad for him.

Here is a shot of his bald spots taken Saturday night. They were still not looking too bad here. Now they are red and crusty and much larger.


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