Odie Project 52 Week 7

Odie got his first visit to an off-leash dog park today. He loved all the people ad other dogs. Even the few mean ones, he had no idea they were not playing. The only time I had a hard time getting him to follow me was when some douche brought their kid on a big wheel that is afraid of dogs. She screamed non-stop and something about the sound of the big wheel “tires” on the ground drove Odie crazy. Yeah, bring your 3 year old that is afraid of dogs to a dog park, great idea. And Odie was not trying to even get near her. He was running away from the sound of her big wheel.  Anyway, Odie had a blast, and got to drink from a nice cold river, and play with a bunch of other dogs of all sizes. It was good.

Odie will be 13 weeks old tomorrow. He is just under 17″ tall. He weighs 30.2 lbs. I think I am going to try and get him into the vet this week to see if he needs more shots and get a general check-up.

Here is a picture of him at the dog park, as always, click for larger version:


2 responses to “Odie Project 52 Week 7

  1. Will need the 12-14 weeks shot (if you haven’t done it yet) and possibly a 16-18 week shot.

    By the way, you should not let him play with random dogs in the park until all puppy vaccinations are done. It’s dangerous and he could pick up parvo virus.

    • He has had 3 sets of shots so far. Not sure what the total count is that is required. Info online is contradictory.

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