Odie Project 52 Week 6

My little pup will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. He still is not eating as much as I would like to see. Please just make me not see your ribs anymore boy… But even with his light appetite, he gained another 4 lbs this week. He is up to 26.8 lbs. I guess I can’t expect much more out of him than that is about right with the normal Great Dane growth chart. At least on weight. Odie also had another growth spurt this week. He is up to about 16″ tall. And that’s with his slouching he does. That’s 1.5″ taller than last week. Good thing I feed him the food that is low in protein that tries to slow that process in big dogs.

Be sure to check out his sweet little face on the full size version of this picture. He looks so afraid that I might steal his new toy the latest wind storm provided for him.


3 responses to “Odie Project 52 Week 6

    • Actually, he has been doing pretty well eating the past few days. He is still not good about eating at the designated feeding time. But I am OK with that, as long as he is eating and not over-eating.

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