Odie Project 52 Week 4

This weekend we went for a trip to my cousin’s house. My sweet baby puppy, Odie, got to play with 2 big Dobermans. They were all super sweet. And even when scared by the male, Odie came right back playing. He didn’t stay scared for long. And oh how little Odie loved to torment that poor male. His name is Cain. Cain loved a couple of blankets in the house and hated when Odie would lay on them. So once Odie figured this out, he would not stay off the blankets unless it was to fool Cain into thinking he had a turn, at which point Odie would jump right back on it to make him mad again. It was adorable.

Odie will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. I weighed him tonight. Even after not eating much all weekend, he weighed in at 20.6 lbs. One week ago today he weighed in at 15.8 lbs. So in one week he gained about 30% body weight.

Here is a picture of Odie playing with Zoey.I think she liked having a puppy around to play with. And obviously, Odie enjoyed chasing her around the yard.

Yes, from a photography point of view, this is not my best work. But action shots like this are tough with the kind of equipment I am working with. Especially when I am the one using said equipment.


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