Odie Project 52 Week 3

I weighed him this morning before giving him his vaccine. He is at 16 lbs. He will be 9 weeks old tomorrow. I have not looked to see how that compares to most Great Danes.

Here is his week 3 picture. You can see the 25% pit bull side of him showing through in this picture. He looks pretty buff. But about 2/3 of the pictures I take of him you don’t see the pit bull side at all. I picked up a new kennel for him. I couldn’t believe how big the thing was when I put it together. But it’s appropriately sized for a full grown Great Dane. And it came with a divider so I can shrink it up unlike his last kennel. He seems to like this one a lot more. Hopefully it helps in house trainig, because so far he has had no problem sleeping where he pees. That needs to stop. Anyway… Here is my sweet puppy Odie at almost 9 weeks old:

As always, click to make bigger. I wish you could see his eyes better. They are still that beautiful blue. But I think they are slowly starting to turn more gray. So that may not last long.


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