Recent Work Project

I was emailed this photo of one of my more recent work projects leaving for the job site. Figured I would post it up here as it is a project I am rather proud of. It came in at the price target we were hoping for and has some cool new design features we have not done on any drives before. They remove the lift motor drive assembly for shipping. That’s what the things at the back of the trailer are. Be sure to click for larger versions of the picture as it is tough to see much detail without it.

This is a B45P-2/LDM drive unit for FLSmidth Thickeners. It has 160,000 ft-lb torque. It has a 24″, 25 ton lift. It is offered in 6 variants ranging from a single pinion (80K ft-lb) to 3 pinion (240K ft-lb) with and without lift.

Here is the SolidWorks CAD model which is the 3 pinion with lift. As you can see, the lift tube has been beefed up significantly since I made this rendering. IIRC, we changed from a 15 ton lift to a 25 ton lift necessitating the beef-up. Also, the rendering is not 100% complete, some sales guys just needed it before the design was completed.


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